Zeb and Zara’s new home.

As you know, we’ve been hoping to get a couple of older kittens/young cats to join our family, but we didn’t seem to be having any luck finding any. Then after work on Tuesday, Billy smugly told me that there may be two that the RSPCA had who needed re-homing. We didn’t need to discuss anything, so we phoned straight away and were given the contact details of the lady with whom we’d need to speak. She e-mailed us a photo of two five-month old kittens, a brother and sister to “see if we liked them.” Just look at these babies – how could we possibly not like them? 🙂


Needless to say, we replied that we’d love to meet them with a view to offering them a home after passing an RSPCA home inspection, and we arranged to have the inspection and meeting on Friday evening. We weren’t quite sure if we’d actually get the kittens to keep on Friday if they were happy with us, or if we’d have to wait. Just in case, we bought kitten food, cat litter and a tray just in case. (Timmy and Garfie don’t use a tray, they go outside.)

We were so excited all day Friday and we paced the living room like expectant fathers whilst we waited for the kittens’ visit. We’d made a fuss of Timmy and when the kittens were brought in, we ignored them so that Timmy could see them in their pet-carrier before we took them out. Meanwhile we did the paperwork, and it was evident that we could keep the kittens straight away if we wanted them.

Two little sets of paws kept poking through the bars, and two little sets of meiows came from the carrier – they wanted to get out and explore! So Billy opened the door and stood aside – and out came two bold little kittens, keen to investigate their surroundings. We couldn’t believe how bold they were – no nerves at all! They wandered around the room and then they came to us asking for cuddles and fusses – and naturally, we were happy to oblige. We fell in love straight away!

They already had names so we decided we’d keep them, and though both black and white, they were easy to tell apart. Zeb,the little boy, was bigger and had a longer, squarer face, and slightly rougher fur. Zara, his sister, was much daintier with a round little face and a black smudge on her nose. They both had white socks and bibs, and both seemed very relaxed, and had loud purrs when fussed.

Timmy watched from his spot ont he back of one sofa, and seemed fairly relaxed – unless they wandered too close, in which case he hissed softly – but they didn’t seem to fussed. The lady was satisfied with us and with the paperwork – and then she was gone, and the little angels were ours to keep 🙂

We watched them, fussed them, and fed them for a little while, but as we were going out (arranged a week previously) Nel and her friend agreed to kitten-sit for the evening – mainly for company and to make sure they didn’t go out the cat flap yet. (It does lock, but we didn’t really want to lock Timmy in/out unless necessary.) The girls fell in love with them too, so were quite happy for us to go out, and the kittens had already met Stephen (who played it cool, but I think he likes them) and Uncle Raji who gave them a lovely fuss – and then, briefly, Uncle Paul whose pockets we had to check on the way out to make sure he hadn’t catnapped them. 😀

When we came home later, we took them up to the bathroom ,(which is big and has carpet, so not a cold, bare room) where we made them a bed, put their litter tray, food and water as well as a few toys and shut the door. We’d worked out this was the best room for them for the night at the moment, until we know they are fine with Timmy and that they are allowed through the catflap. We hoped they wouldn’t meiow and scratch to come out and disturb everyone – but we didn’t hear a peep from the little darlings.

This morning, I went downstairs for my breakfast and coffee, leaving them in there so I could fuss and feed Timmy alone for a bit – though he wasn’t in the first time, but had appeared by the time I went for my second coffee. When I went back upstairs, I took a couple of pouches of kitten food and opened the bathroom door. Two cute little furry faces looked up at me with a sweet expression as if to say “Hello, Mummy.” And the wash basket was on its side with clothes all over the floor. The bed we’d made up for them was untouched – but they’d pulled my towel off the towels rail and used that as a bed instead. 🙂

I gave them their food and then left the door open and as soon as they’d eaten they were off exploring the upstairs. Eventually, they found their way into our bedroom and hopped on and off the bed for fusses and cuddles when they wanted them – and climbed all over daddy who, for once, wasn’t trying to pretend it wasn’t morning and who was captivated by his little babies. (I don’t think he wanted to go to work and leave them.)

Zara on the bed
Zeb on the bed

Throughout today, they’ve been in the living room and Uncle Raji has done a sterling job of kitten-sitting whilst watching cricket, rugby and football. I was down there too, this morning, but was ironing all afternoon, so it was handy to have someone making sure they didn’t get outside. As it turns out, I don’t think they realise what the cat flap is yet, or where it goes, but they are so curious and confident that we don’t want to assume. Even when they do get outside, I think it might be a little while before they can jump the wall, but again, we’d rather be safe than sorry.

We’d been warned that they were starving little waifs and always hungry and that feeding time had them fighting over their food in a frenzy. However, whilst the first couple of meals resembled piranha infested waters after some poor creature has fallen in, they’ve since calmed down and eat quite happily side by side from their own bowls. What did concern me a little this morning was that they drank 4 bowls of water between them, in a fairly short space of time (and their overnight bowl had been dry this morning) They settled down to normal during the day so maybe they were just dehydrated in the short term or it was a new game, getting mummy to refill the bowl each time. I will see what they are like for the next few days.

They’ve enjoyed lots of fuss and cuddles today, and Stephen has friends round now who are also falling under their spell. They are such adorable little bundles of fur, though no doubt they will soon grow with all this food and TLC – and I think Zeb shows signs that he might get to be quite a big cat. It’s lovely to see how confident and relaxed they are in their new home, though I’m not sure Timmy shares this view! He is unsure about them and has gone out more today than normal – though he’s returned each time to his favourite spot on the back of one sofa, whilst the kittens favour the other. If they look at him or come too close, he hisses, so they are generally ignoring him. He is fascinated by them I think, and I think and hope they will become friends before too long. This evening they all ate side by side and though they didn’t relax, neither did they fight. Not a bad first 24 hours really – and better than we hoped. It certainly took longer and more work to get Toby, Timmy and Garfie to accept Tinks, and even longer to get Jet and Toby to accept Timmy and Garfie – so I am pleased with how things are going.


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