Yet ANOTHER blasted cold!

On Tuesday afternoon, I started sniffling and knew I was coming down with yet another cold. I don’t recall having so many since the kids were little and generous enough to share every little germ they picked up. I know I am very run down after months of working overtime and running the house and supporting the family’s emotional needs so I suppose it’s not too surprising – just downright annoying! The only silver lining to this cloud is that I have a couple of weeks off work coming up (to catch up on all the outstanding jobs at home!) and at least I should hopefully be over this bug by then so that it doesn’t spoil my leave. Billy had cooked us a nice dinner for Valentine’s Day and we then watched some TV together, but sadly I was feeling a bit too rough to enjoy it as much as I’d have liked.

The next morning I felt dreadful. Normally I don’t work on Wednesdays but this week my colleague was off so I was covering her days in my office – which meant I had to work on Wednesday when I was really very poorly and should have been in bed. For all that this is a cold bug, it is a really nasty one. Along with the usual streaming nose and cough, I was shivery, had a bad headache and was very dizzy. Somehow I got through and I am lucky enough to work with some lovely people and the orthotist, in particular, helped me out. I really don’t know how I got through the day and I left my keys with someone just in case I was too ill to make it in next day – though I needed to if I could as the office would need manning when the clinic was on in the afternoon. Somehow I managed to walk home – though had to collapse on the stairs to get my breath back before taking my coat off and getting in to bed (with Billy’s assistance.)

On Thursday I stayed in bed until 10.30 and then slowly got myself ready and went in to work for 11.45. I just about managed to do the work needed and cover the clinic before returning to bed. My nose was slightly less runny, but I was still feverish and light-headed and had a dreadful headache. I was even too poorly to watch City play Porto in the Europa League! 🙁 I did read the report and watch the highlights next day though and am very proud of what sounded like a great performance by the boys who came from 1-0 down to win 1-2.)

Friday came round at last – but Friday’s clinics are in the morning, meaning I needed to be at work by 8.30am. Again, though, I had very helpful colleagues and they helped me through. I managed to get the work done and get back home by 2pm – and back to bed it was. I dozed off and on for the afternoon and was hoping that Paul could find someone to play darts in my stead that evening – but I didn’t really expect him to be able to as with Claire and Simon being away, the rest of us were needed. Sure enough, I was needed, though at least the game was at home, just across the road, so I asked if there was any chance both Captains might agree to me playing at the top of the order so that I could play my games then come home to bed, and thankfully the opposition team was Bar Havana, friends of ours, so that was no problem. Armed with an orange juice and a pint of water, I was pointed in the direction of the board for my games and managed to throw my darts. It was like some crazy fairground game with a whirling dart board and me trying to pick my time to release the dart so that the board’s spin put the treble 20 in line with my arrow 😉 Amazingly I did manage to score fairly well, but in all my games I couldn’t finish – unsurprisingly. I soon lost all my games (the last having made me really dizzy so I was thankful when I could collapse into a chair after it) and Billy escorted me back home to bed, my team’s get well wishes (and comments about looking like death and seeing me at my funeral 😉 ) ringing in my ears. And then back to bed, where I could stay as long as I needed at last – BLISS! (The team pulled things around after I left so that we won in the end. Well done team – and sorry.)

I did sleep well and on Saturday the nose had pretty much stopped running, the cough was manageable, the headache gone – but the dizziness really bad. I also had a bit of a funny tummy – I hadn’t been eating much all week (which in itself is rare for me as I don’t usually go off my food and my coffee!) and I still had little appetite, but when I did eat, my tummy wasn’t too happy about it and took a while to settle. I spent the day in bed, dozing a little, but mostly awake and Sunday is going the same way. I’ve got out of bed for short periods, to do essential things like putting the washing to dry, washing up, having a bath etc, but then it’s been back to bed to let my head settle again.

Hope this passes soon! Hopefully it will as Nel’s a few days, and Mum a week or so, ahead of me and they are both getting there now. Roll on my leave…..

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