World outside of sports.

Yes, despite my blog entries, I HAVE done other things besides play darts and watch football 😉

Work has settled and I’m much less stressed now – not because the workload has eased, but because I’ve changed my attitude and accepted that I am only human. Now, whatever’s going on, I just smile and deal with it.Calm and Serene” has become my mantra and it’s amazing how effective it is. Admittedly my fortnight off helped, and I have another week off next week, and K is well settled now so that I won’t come back to a pile of queries. 🙂

Last weekend was a strange one as Billy was working Saturday morning, as usual, and he was going to a conference in Birmingham on Sunday, going in a mini-bus in the very early hours of the morning with other north-east opticians. Unfortunately, this plan fell through when Billy was told that actually, there now wouldn’t be a mini-bus and he’d have to make his own way for the day. Great! This meant we’d have to miss a wedding party Saturday night so Billy could get the train down and then have to stay in Birmingham overnight. Then he sent me a text saying that the other optician (who was working all day) had had to go home, urgently, so he had agreed to cover the afternoon too. I saw him briefly when he came home to change and pack, and then he was off and I didn’t see him until Monday morning as he was late home on Sunday.

One good thing came out of the conference though – Billy learned about what might be causing my continuing sight deterioration. I’ve been getting ever more short sighted over the last 4 years or so, which we found odd as usually this settles in early adulthood. (Which mine had, but started getting worse again these few years.) Apparently, this is thought to happen in people who wear contact lenses for everyday use, but who then do a lot of close work (paperwork/computer). The eyes get lazy and don’t bother to adjust to the close work properly and accept a degree of poor focus – and the eye shape changes, making the person more short sighted. The potential solution, is to have the contact lenses to correct the vision for normal use, but for close work, wear glasses to UN-correct it to a degree. I’m certainly willing to give it a go and don’t mind wearing glasses for close work – they are just so uncomfortable to wear all the time which is why I prefer my contacts. Now we just need to find time for Billy to test my eyes and alter my lens prescription again and then we can sort the glasses. I really hope it works, firstly as I do worry about my increasing blind-as-a-bat tendencies and secondly because I’m wondering if my prescription change is affecting my darts. I’ve had this happen before and as soon as my vision was correct again, my darts improved – and since my darts are generally steady, I don’t think it’s my throw.

This week I have been sent a bottle of 2-in-1 Bold Gel to try. That was a nice surprise, though I wasn’t sure what I’d make of it since I’m a firm fan of Bold 2-in-1 tablets. I’ve been using it all week and must admit that it’s lovely and easy to use and it smells gorgeous. As the clothes dry on the radiators, it makes the house smell good too. I think the tablets (from Costco) are probably better value for me to buy, but if this gel was on special offer, I’d certainly be happy to buy it.

Stephen’s been poorly for a few days, with a temperature and cough/cold. I must admit I haven’t seen him so poorly for a long time so he had his mummy fetching him drinks and then, when the fever broke, changing his bed and freshening his room whilst he showered. He seems to be well on the road to recovery now, thankfully, though whether it was just a bad cold, flu or swine flu, we’ve no idea. I don’t suppose giving it a label makes any difference really.

On Saturday night, Nel and her friend wanted to dress up and go into town for the Halloween “Spook Night” and as they are both cartoonists, they each went as one of their own characters. Nel’s was one who wears a sari so she asked if I’d help her to don her sari that Billy’s mum had given her. I said I was willing as long as she was patient as I’d have to concentrate to remember how to put it on. I did hesitate a bit and have to tweak here and there, but over all I was pleased that I did OK – though I could almost feel Rani’s hands smacking mine when I went wrong 😀 Next, Nel wanted bangles, a necklace, shoes and a wrap to complete the outfit – so I obligingly dug them all out – and she looked beautiful. Really beautiful. I didn’t tell her that though, as I don’t think she’d have thanked me for it. As it turns out, the girls weren’t gone long as they said it wasn’t up to much and all the stalls were selling things that cost £5 or more. Still, I think they were glad they’d seen for themselves anyway.

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