Work stresses – both good and bad.

For a part-time worker, I’m ding a pretty good impression of a full-timer these days – still! 😛

I still love my own job – I love the autonomous working, I love the variety, the responsibility, the patients and working with various other healthcare professionals. In the last couple of months I’ve managed to visit one of our suppliers with my manager and that was interesting and constructive. I’ve also finalised my project -an analysis of 5-years’ data showing how our service is doing. It started when I played with my spreadsheets whilst doing my Microsoft Office Excel course and came up with some pretty graphs and charts. I mentioned to my manager what I thought they showed and she suggested I have a go at compiling a report – so many months later, I have finally finished it 🙂 I enjoyed the challenge, learned along the way, had some great advice from helpful colleagues and am rather proud of the end product.

I’ve continued to help the Medical Secretaries too, and generally I am happy doing so, though not being in control of my own workload or having my own desk can sometimes be slightly stressful. I have just been trying to cover for one of the girls who has been away for a month – attempting to stay on top of her 5-day-a-week work in just 2-days. I was thrown in at the deep end and obviously other people helped too, but at times it was a bit stressful and I would be a bit frazzled by the end of the week. On balance, I don’t think I did too bad a job though, especially given that I am not a Medical Secretary by training and a lot was unfamiliar to me. It helped that everyone from Consultant to nurses, coders to records staff and other secretaries were helpful and supportive, and of course, I have learned some new skills and knowledge which will stand me in good stead. 🙂

Although I’ve been doing 2-3 days overtime a week for a year and a half now, it IS still only overtime. Because it’s not contracted, I don’t get paid holiday for it so I haven’t taken any holiday from my own job – there’s no point having 2 days off but working the other days still. This means I’m not having much of a break and I am definitely in need. I think I’ll be taking some time off over Christmas so just need to keep going until then….

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