Woolly Wedding

Our 7th Wedding Anniversary was apparently our woollen one and with money being tight we’d agreed to only spend £5. (We did get married at a stupid time of year really, didn’t we?! 😉 )

I had no idea what to get Billy and confessed as much, saying that hats/gloves/scarves were a bit dull. He said he wanted a new NUFC hat and as he was going to the match at the weekend I gave him the money to pick up his hat 🙂 I also got him a laptop stand the same as mine, using the loose link of it stopping his laptop overheating so it wouldn’t get woolly headed 😛

He bought me a fleece wrap, again a loose link, but a great idea and very useful since I’m always cold 🙂

Mum knitted us a little bag (one side sky blue and one side black & white stripes) and put inside it the means to have a meal out. 🙂

Since Billy’s working nights and me days, we were unsure at first how to work it – then decided to meet when I finished work and Billy was on his way to his work and go to Wetherspoons for breakfast/dinner. It worked really well and we enjoyed a bit of time together before going our separate ways again. Thanks Mum.

Happy Anniversary Billy.

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