Wish List

I keep forgetting the things I want to buy when I can, and then if there’s a birthday or Christmas and people ask what I want, I can’t think!
So Billy suggested I keep an online wish list.
I knew I loved him for more than his good looks 🙂


Books – I can’t bear to have no books waiting to be read so books are ALWAYS on my wish list. Now that I have a Kindle thanks to Billy and Raji, I have added Kindle versions of books to my wish list 🙂 ( I keep a wish list on Amazon which you can find by searching lists by name. (My everyday first and surname))

Perfume – I like Musk by Alyssa Ashley, Chanel No 5, and my new favourite after trying a free sample is Estee Lauder Sensuous

City stuff

England Shirt – but a Ladies fit one for once. For some reason, I’ve always had men’s ones but they are just not right on the hips.

A Wobble Cushion – as I have extrtemely poor posture when I am sitting and every time I remember, I correct it – but then slump again as I get engrossed in whatever I am doing. Apparently it’s very difficult to slouch whilst sitting on a wobble cushion! Got to be worth a go!

Hmm, already I’ve added more things than I thought I would. Seems I DO want stuff after all 😉