Wales 0 – 2 England (Euro Qualifier)

I had a busy weekend, finishing up my busy week, but I took time out on Saturday afternoon to watch England play Wales. I enjoyed the game and I thought England looked comfortable with the system, which I liked the look of very much. (4-3-3)

The only thing about the occasion which I didn’t like, was the booing of the national anthems before the match – there is no excuse for it. Welsh fans booed the English anthem first, but I still don’t believe booing back was justified. We don’t choose our nationality, but we have every right to be proud and patriotic – coupled with a responsibility to respect the same right for others.

Happily, our players soon silenced the home crowd by scoring inside quarter of an hour – a Lamps pen followed by a lovely goal from Bent. After that, Wales looked like they might concede a few more and the first half was all about England. Credit to them though, in the second half Wales came out fighting and made a more entertaining game, managing to stop the scoreline changing.

Scott Parker was my MotM, though for once, the team played very much as a whole which was good to see. That said, I can’t say I really noticed Rooney until he got booked!

I was glad I took time to watch this game, though I shan’t go getting too excited as I know very well that England, like City, tend to be consistently inconsistent! 😉

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