Update: my unexplained weight loss

Remember I lost weight back in September last year for no apparent reason? Well finally I have the chance to update you…

So there I was, 4 weeks later and 3/4 stone lighter and still the weight was coming off and my appetite wasn’t 100%. So I did return to the doctor who took another round of blood tests and added in a coeliac screen and H. pylori test. All of which came back clear of course. (Actually I did half expect the coeliac screen to be positive given Nel’s history, but it didn’t.)

Next up was an ultrasound of abdomen, right kidney (as I get pain in that region every so often) and gallbladder. I booked my appointment for a couple of weeks ahead but in the meantime popped round to the X-ray department and said that as I was working in the hospital anyway, if they had any cancellations I’d be happy to pop round and take the slot. This paid off and I had my scan done later that day since bad weather prevented a couple of patients getting in. As I kind of expected the scan was all clear.

Back at the doctor’s we decided I’d best be referred to the gastro team at the hospital to check nothing sinister was going on, though I didn’t really think there was. I arranged an appointment through the Choose & Book system, but the consultant (ironically the new locum for whom I was working) rejected the appointment as he wanted me to go straight to OGD (Camera down the throat) Oh dear – I feared this might happen and wasn’t keen. I booked this for some time ahead as the weight loss was slowing.

At the end of October we had a very nasty shock and severe stress and I immediately put myself on some high grade herbs, including St John’s Wort. My theory is that the herbs started to correct whatever it was that had initiated the loss of appetite and weight. (My best guess is a virus, probably an enveloped one, as St. John’s Wort is a potent anti-viral with particular effect against the enveloped ones.)

When the date of the OGD drew close, I chatted with the consultant and postponed it to see what my weight would do next. By now I had lost almost 2 stones (12 Kg) but it had finally settled so I was hoping not to need the test. Happily, by the time of the newly arranged test, I had put on 2 lbs so I went ahead and cancelled.

I have now regained 4 lbs and my appetite is well and truly back to normal 🙂

The biggest problem in all this was that I went down a dress size – and when you’ve no money to buy new clothes but need to look smart for work, that’s not good news, believe me! I did buy one pair of inexpensive trousers because my existing ones were all so loose that the crotch was halfway to my knees – not a good look! Skirts are a bit more forgiving as when they drop lower on the hips they simply become a slightly longer length. As I also had the same problems with my casual trousers for weekends, football, darts etc I was absolutely over the moon to find an almost brand new pair of Next jeans in a charity shop which were a perfect fit and cost me the grand sum of £3.99 🙂

I have no idea if I’ll go back to my former size or not. I don’t particularly mind either way though it’d be handy to know as I am having to hang on to all my old clothes, yet have hardly any clothes that fit right now. If I knew either way I’d know whether or not to buy more in the smaller size.

The whole thing has been a bit strange, especially as I haven’t felt ill and contrary to many people’s suggestion that it was due to stress, the timing was wrong as the stress came after. I’m sticking with my mystery virus theory but whatever the cause, it appears to have disappeared now which is good news.

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