Unexpected Break

Just before the bank holiday weekend I found out that Billy was making me a cricket widow for the duration, and that my colleague and I were swapping work days the following week, meaning I had the Tuesday off work too. Hmmm, what to do with the extra time? Sadly, everything that needs doing around the house costs money – which I don’t have. Then mum said I was welcome to go and visit her if I fancied it – so off I went 🙂

I drove down on the Saturday, arriving in time for lunch – which was accompanied by a bottle of wine (between us!) so we had a lovely lazy afternoon and evening. Mum is a very bad influence (I suppose she could say the same of me) because we had a Dominos pizza for dinner. YUMMY! Amongst other things, we watched Britain’s Got Talent – and now I’ve had to watch all the semi-finals since I returned – and Nel has got in to it too! 😀

On the Sunday, we walked up the road to get some plants for mum’s garden and were then going to go to Tesco – only we discovered that the England v Japan friendly was a lunchtime kick off, so we scrapped that plan and just went to Costco instead. As ever, we got a lot for our money and buying in bulk saves us both having to get some items for a good few weeks. We got back in good time to settle in front of the TV for the match – beers in hand 🙂 The game was simply dreadful – you’d never believe these were players trying to claim their place on the plane! Thank goodness for the Japanese defence! We can only hope this game was a ploy to lull other World Cup teams in to a false sense of security – if not, we’re stuffed!

On Monday, the weather, which had been rather cold and very windy, picked up a bit. As luck would have it, mum had tried to put the heating on over the weekend, only to find it wouldn’t work, so she had an engineer from British Gas coming out sometime Monday morning. He turned up first thing, which was really good, and managed to sort everything out, despite our jokes between ourselves that he looked far to young to know mum’s fairly elderly system 😉 We were a bit puzzled as to why he went up in the loft, but maybe he just fancied a nose at some cobwebs and a couple of obsolete water tanks 😀

We then went to Tesco, both the home and wear shop, then the grocery one – I’m so good at helping spend mum’s money! 😉 In the afternoon, the weather was lovely so we did some jobs in the garden – mum planted her plants, and I put a new plastic waterproof roof on Rocky’s little wooden house whilst mum washed his bedding.

Anji starting
Anji roofing
Rocky flirting
Rocky playing

I drove home on Tuesday morning with a very full car boot, having (again) relieved mum of things she said she didn’t need, but of which we could make good use. I’m sure we always get the better end of these deals.

It was a weekend of being a little lazy, combined with doing a few jobs, lots of eating, lots of boozing, and lots of laughs 🙂 (It was slightly reminiscent of last year when I was staying with her to help with things after her op, only she’s almost back to normal in terms of what she can do, although she is still in pain from the nerve damage.) I think it did us both good, and was even more enjoyable for having been an unexpected last minute arrangement. Thank you Mum.


  1. The pleasure’s all mine!

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