Touching change

My mobile phone (Nokia C5 )was due for an upgrade at the beginning of December and, as is my way, I had been looking into other phones for a couple of months before that so that I could pick the right one for me. I had looked at the various models, read reviews, and studied the specs. When mum and I were passing an O2 shop during my last visit, we popped in so I could see if they had one with which I could have a play. Not only did they have one – which sealed my decision – but there was also an available member of staff and so I ended up leaving the shop half an hour or so later with a new phone, the number already transferred, contacts loaded and ready to go. Not only all that, but it was going to cost me £5 a month LESS than I’d been paying! 🙂

I am now the proud owner of my first touch screen phone – the Nokia Lumia 610, which is a Windows phone.

The only complaints I have thus far are that I can’t seem to figure out how to set my ring tone to my own piece of music rtaher than installed tones (though as it’s usually on silent anyway it’s not really a huge deal) and that it isn’t compatible with Nokia Suite so I haven’t been able to just add all my stuff from there. On the other hand, I love having apps and the touch screen so am sure I’ll soon get the hang of the rest 🙂

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