Tomatoes and Apples galore.

As my homegrown tomatoes were still green and I didn’t think they were likely to go red with the weather changing, I decided to make green tomato chutney since mum happened to have sent me a magazine with a recipe for this in it. I’ve never made (nor even eaten!) it before but was game. I also needed 3 cooking apples and as mum has such a tree in her garden I asked if she might be willing to donate to the cause – guess who ended up with two bagfuls? 😉

Tomatoes: Tomatoes from the garden

Apples: Apples from  mum's garden

So, on Thursday I made the green tomato chutney:

Chutney 1
Chutney 2
Chutney 3
Chutney 4
Chutney 5

Isn’t it a real shame that there’s a half jar that really needs eating as soon as possible? Being the noble person I am, I had some in my lunchtime sandwich – YUMMY! 🙂

Then on Friday I thought I’d do some apple cooking.

Apples stewing
Apples baked

As you can see, some to eat straight away and some to freeze. What you can’t see is that there are still loads of apples left for another baking session……… or two!

With lots on my mind lately, there is no better therapy than growing, harvesting, cooking and eating 🙂

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