To Chester and back.

I managed to finish work at 4.00pm on Friday and raced home to fetch Nel as I was taking her to Chester where she was staying for a week. I wanted to try and get ahead of the bank holiday traffic but feared it was already too late. Happily, the roads were fairly clear until the last part of the M56 and even that was still moving, just congested. We drove through alternating patches of sunshine and downpours – but I didn’t mind as I was just pleased to have my car back on the road, and I enjoyed driving again. (The car has had its 4 new tyres as well as all the other recent work so hopefully I will have trouble free motoring for a while now.)

It was dry as we arrived in Chester and as it was 8.15pm and we’d planned to have takeaway for tea, we stopped at the shop on our way in, so we could arrive at Mum’s with the food ready to eat. Just as we parked in Mum’s drive, it started to rain quite heavily so I quickly unloaded the car and then we thankfully locked the weather out and settled down for the evening. It was so good to see Mum again as I hadn’t seen her since the end of June and I’ve missed her. We had a pleasant evening which flew past and before we knew it it was bed time. The storm which had been building since the rain started, was now directly overhead with bright white lightning and very loud thunder which was quite fun. Happily all of us enjoy a good storm and it was very nice to lay warm and cosy in bed listening to it – though I was so tired, I drifted off before it quite finished.

The next day, I was returning home, but before I did so, I’d arranged to meet L and A who had driven to Chester specially so we could meet and I could spend some time with Callum, my adorable little Godson, whom I hadn’t seen since last November. I felt a bit bad that they had had to travel though really appreciated them doing so and they said it was no bother. We met up at the retail park and one of Callum’s brothers had come along for the ride too. We went to Frankie & Benny’s where they had a special breakfast offer – two breakfasts for £10 – and what a feed we had! We all had the full English apart from Callum who picked his items individually – the staff were brilliant with him and were very obliging with sterilising his cutlery for him, nothing was too much trouble. I would highly recommend them to anyone wanting a really good breakfast out – both the food and the service were top class.

I loved catching up with Callum and the family, hearing their news, having a laugh, finding out how Callum’s treatment is going. (He’s now on a year’s maintenance course of chemo, he’s put on some weight at last, and his hair is growing back 🙂 ) I also enjoyed getting to know M, Callum’s brother, a really nice lad, and got on well with him. After we’d eaten, we looked in a couple of the shops and then the boys wanted to go to Toys R Us – which was entertaining in their company. Our couple of hours just flew past and all too soon it was time for us to return to our respective homes – but hopefully we’ll meet up again soon.

I really enjoyed my drive home, despite the heavy rain, and it was just lovely to be back on the road, and to have a little time out just being me for a few hours. I’m even looking forward to going back for Nel next weekend 🙂


  1. Hi Anji, just a quick one to let u know that Callum is on 2 years maintenance lol wasn’t sure if u knew and it was great to spend time with u, hope to see u soon xx

  2. Ooops, I thought it was a year. Poor little thing! There I was thinking he was on the home stretch. Well he is, but it’s a longer stretch than I thought. 🙁

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