Tired Expert

When I got back to mum’s at 11.45pm I went straight to bed, but sadly, the cuppucino I’d had in the car after the game proved to be too caffeinated and I ended up falling asleep at 4am so only had a couple of hours sleep 🙁 Coupled with the later bed-times I have at mum’s, and the stresses of the two Manchester trips, this served to make me very tired on Wednesday morning. Mum and I enjoyed a last breakfast together before going our separate ways – she to work and me to drive home. I‘d had a wonderful couple of days with her and felt I’d recharged my mental batteries if not my physical ones.

I had an easy drive home, which was just as well because I really was tired. I arrived at the hospital car park just in time for me to attend the education meeting which was pleasing as I was very interested in the subject and it lived up to my expectations. Next I drove home and unloaded the car before going back out to Tesco and doing the shopping. By the time I’d unpacked it all, I was beyond tired. I felt so tired I felt ill and everything was swimming. I was in bed at 8pm, went out like a light, and slept for 10 hours straight!

I felt slightly better the next morning, but still a bit slow. I wasn’t sure if it was good or bad that I was booked in for a day of IT sessions so that I could sit a mock Excel test and then do the final exam if I felt ready. It seemed so long since I’d last done any Excel training that I found it hard at first. I debated whether or not to sit the exam but decided I may as well have a go – and, like the Word expert one, I found it really hard. I was convinced I’d failed, but no. I am now officially a Microsoft Excel Expert 🙂

I was working with the medical secretaries on Friday and I somehow struggled through the day, yawning as I went but by the evening I was feeling really wiped out again. As we now have plenty of players for our darts team, I gave darts a miss and had an early night. I was sad to miss seeing my friends but it was definitely the right thing to do as, once again, I slept right round until morning. I think it did the trick and I finally felt more like myself on Saturday morning. 🙂 (My clever teammates pulled off another win, 6-5 against the Fox. Well done team 🙂 )

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