Time, money and children.

Well finally, after 6 months of overtime, I have finished helping the medical secretaries now that their colleague has returned from maternity leave. It feels such a novelty to only be working 2 days a week again – and I have such a huge list of things with which to catch up at home. Already I have done some of the extra cleaning that so desperately needs doing, which feels good, but I have also enjoyed more baking too. I really am a happy little domestic bird and the traditional gender roles suit me generally. Sadly, though, the extra money has helped us a lot the last few months and I could have done with it continuing a while. Still, I believe in fate so am sure there will be an opportunity somewhere along the line and I now have yet more strings to my bow.

This return of my days off coincided with the children having a holiday so I spent that first week helping them get ready, and the week they were away I tidied and aired their rooms, changed their bedding and suchlike so that it was all fresh for their return. It was so strange without them – this is the first time I haven’t had either of them around for 7 years! I loved having a clean tidy kitchen with empty washing-up baskets and the sides and equipment clean ready for me to bake whenever the mood took me. I also enjoyed the quiet at night – I slept rather well without hearing their nocturnal movements on ad off until 3am. I found that we didn’t get through nearly as much bread, butter, wine or loo rolls – and in fact needed to buy a fraction of the usual quantities of these. The living room floor stayed virtually crumb-free and the little TV dinner table didn’t get used once – so it didn’t need constantly folding up and putting away. I could also leave their bedroom doors open so that air and light could circulate upstairs. Billy and I managed to relax in front of the TV on a couple of occasions, and I watched football when I pleased without booking the TV.

I did miss their company though – and constantly thought of them, hoping they were having a good time. They had gone to Spain with their dad for the occasion of their grandparents’ 50th Wedding Anniversary. Billy and I took them to Newcastle airport on the Wednesday night and saw them off on their way to Gatwick where they met their dad before flying on to Spain. We then went and picked them up from Newcastle airport a week later and I absolutely loved the look on Stephen’s face as his eyes met mine – his face lit up, though he was his usual laid back self a mili-second later. I’d seen that look though and my heart reciprocated – it’s one of those moments I’ve captured and stored forever. Nel has a far less expressive face but she is more vocal and she seemed equally pleased to see me and chattered away as we walked to the car. My babies were home and I was complete again – Mother Nature is so clever the way she ties those strings from our children to our hearts. 🙂

Nel shared a couple of photos with me and said I could share with you:

My “extra time” this week will no doubt be spent catching up with the kids, sorting their post-holiday laundry and luggage etc, but eventually I may get a bit more time for me….


  1. Mmmm, as well as bringing me a beautiful pestle and mortar as a present from Spain, Nel also brought home 2 pots of Allioli and I’d forgotten just how gorgeous this stuff is! I had some with cheese on toast yesterday and I can STILL taste the garlic 🙂 Thanks Nel.


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