The Latest from Hamster Farm…

I’m sure you’re dying to know about Nel and her baby.

Laura is not entirely sure yet, what gender the baby is, but she’s named it “Schnee” (pronounced “Shnay” being the German for snow.) However, she’s discovered that it has three paws and a stump – which only served to make her more determined to keep it. The missing part is just from the “knee” down on the back left leg, and doesn’t appear to bother the baby at all – it runs around merrily and you wouldn’t even know. Apprently it is common in hybrids (of Winter White and Campbell’s Dwarf hamsters)

Schnee is sooooooooooo cute, being so tiny, (about 2″ now) yet perky, and we are besotted 🙂

Here are mum and pup together – Nel pops out of the tube and makes Schnee jump, at the end:

But you see more of Schnee in this one:


  1. So so cute! To begin with you can’t tell how small s/he is, until the end when they’re next to each other – and they’ve got identical markings!
    I’m getting broody for hamsters now!

  2. 😀 Better keep any new additions away from those cute little kittens of yours! Must admit, I visit Laura’s hamsters a couple of times of day (at least!)
    (Don’t know why your comments keep going into my Spam traps – sorry! I do tell Akismet it’s made a mistake so maybe it will learn one day!)
    Anji – X


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