The kids in my life.

Just thought I’d reassure you that the children in my life are still in it and give you an update 😉


Still a fun person with whom to spend time, still loves his football and we have many football conversations. Still sharing film and video with me.

I rent a DVD each week to watch whilst I do the ironing marathon (via LoveFilm) and he recommended the series “Flash ForwardI have been working through it and have to give him credit – I’m loving it. He pops in every now and then to see where I’m up to with it and often stays to watch with me.

The other week he sat through all 6 Star Wars films, in story order and loved them (he has seen them before but not all together like this) and then he came across a couple of Star Wars related videos on You Tube which he shared with me. I absolutely love this one, and can’t get it out of my head! 😛

He also likes this one, which admittedly is very clever, but not quite so catchy I think:


As she gets older we are actually finding a few more things in common, and she suggested I’d enjoy the Buffy series which I have never seen. She has the boxed set of all the series, 1 – 7, which she has borrowed from a friend so we are watching a couple of episodes each evening together. We’ve got in to a routine on these cold winter evenings – with me in bed with electric blanket and hot water bottle, and her on the chair nest to me with microwave wheat bag and duvet 🙂 My children know me well as I’m quite enjoying these DVD’s too, though I think some series are better than others. We’re now on series 7 and she plans to get me watching Angel next. I am enjoying spending time with her so I’m glad she has found something else for us to watch together.

    Both Stephen and Nel

have just cashed in their Children’s Investment Bonds giving them a small amount of money to fund their current needs. Ever since they were babies, when they were given money for birthdays or Christmas, I’ve let them spend half and I’ve put half into these bonds. It hasn’t been a huge amount but the return is good and I have finally let them have the money. (If you want to invest money long term for kids, I recommend these bonds.)

My main reason was that Nel is so desperate for a dog and it’s no passing fancy, but we cannot afford to get her one or pay for its upkeep. She is now planning to get one in the new year and can start searching the rescue organisations for the one she wants.

Stephen, I trust less to spend the money wisely, but I could hardly let her have hers without letting him have his. He wants a new TV, new PC monitor and some clothes – though I have cautioned him to include workwear in his shopping in case he gets a job anytime!

I filled in all the forms for them a couple of weeks ago and they’ve been eagerly awaiting the postman ever since. With the snow, we hadn’t had any post for 3 days and Stephen was entertainingly impatient. Yesterday a friend had told him he’d seen a postman near our road so Stephen was pacing like an expectant father and had finally given up and flounced to his room when the post arrived. As soon as the children had received their warrants, they hot footed it to the bank like a pair of horses out of the traps. 😀 They just got to the bank before it closed but are now in suspense again waiting for the money to clear into their accounts. It’s highly amusing watching Stephen’s impatience – horrible mother! 😉

    Godson Callum:

After my day with Callum I haven’t seen him and am not sure when I next will, but we’re keeping touch by post and his mum sends me text updates. The poor little angel hasn’t been well this week as his latest chemo made him very sick, tired and he has been in pain. After being given two different anti sickness tablets to take at the same time, he’s a bit brighter and is back at home. If wishes were cures…. 🙁

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