The days between and Wolves 0 – 3 City

The week between Christmas and New Year is a weird one I think. You are still mentally on holiday and want to carry on with the festivities, and yet there are working days lurking in there and certain mundane chores that still need to be done. I was determined to retain as much of a holiday feel as I could before having to return to normality, so on the Monday, which was a bank holiday, I took time out to update my phone software, making sure I backed up all the settings and files first. It was rather time consuming and I have to confess I don’t like this new Ovi software as much as I liked PC Suite, but I got the job done.

In the evening, Billy went to his match against Derby, which I watched on TV with Raji. It was a very poor game and Newcastle never looked like waking up and upping a gear – they were lucky Derby were so poor so that they at least got a point! That league is a hard fought one, with lots resting on the post Christmas part of the season, so Billy’s boys need to find some energy from somewhere and get themselves going again.

Straight after this, was Wolves v City and I thoroughly enjoyed watching another good performance from my boys. Again, I liked what Mancini did with the players he had available and again, concentration remained for the full 90. There was debate about whether our second goal should have occurred when Garrido (remember him? Had we realised we still had him at City? 😉 ) scored from a fantastic free kick. In the build up, the ball was passed forward to Bellamy who was off-side. However, the ball never reached him as a Wolves player intercepted it. THEREFORE THERE WAS NO OFF-SIDE since the rules state it is given when the ball is received! No controversy at all then! There was a subsequent foul giving us a free kick which Garrido took and curled around the ball to land in the net. It was so neat that no-one moved – not from either team, not fans, not keeper. It took a moment for anyone to realise the ball was in the back of the net 🙂

Wolves didn’t really deserve to lose by this margin as they had looked very bright at times, but the luck was with us, and I think Mancini’s swapping players around was also responsible for bearing fruit. A really great performance and a good win, sending me to bed with a smile on my face.

I popped in to work for a few hours on Tuesday and Wednesday, mainly to check there was nothing urgent such as ward patients, though with all our suppliers closed for a fortnight, there was little we could do even if there had been, really. As expected, there was nothing, so I cleared out the office a bit, triaged the referrals, and caught up on a couple of months finance work. I expect the first day back in the New Year to be absolutely crazy, so at least I’d got slightly ahead and everything was ready to go. Just as I was leaving, some post was delivered and I decided to open it before going – and I got a nice surprise. One of our patients had written to Trust Managent to commend my care of him and sorting out his needs during a particularly busy clinic so I had been forwarded a copy. That was really nice – thank you Patient X 🙂 After leaving the hospital, I opened my clinic for the usual drop in session but it was, as expected, very quiet so I was able to catch up with my accounts and so on which was great.

All in all, a very good few days. 🙂

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