Techy Gremlins again!

This house is a haven for Techy and Electrical Gremlins and we’ve just had a couple of casualties.

Our poor overworked Hoover died a couple of weeks ago (this happens regularly, though in fact this one lasted longer than most. We’ve found bagged ones do better than bagless which we think is due to the static from all the hairs) but at the time we really couldn’t afford to replace it. I’ll leave your imagination to picture how the carpets suffered given that we have two long haired females, 3 cats and 3 thick haired males all molting all over the place, along with three messy males who drop food crumbs everywhere!

This week we managed to get a replacement sorted and I carefully looked at potential models, retailers and prices before deciding on a manufacturer reconditioned Hoover on eBay which came with 8 bags and a one year warranty. This cost the same as a more basic model in Argos, is designed for pet hairs and cost 1/3 the RRP.

The new Hoover arrived very fast and on Tuesday was put through its paces and given a thorough work out. I’m pleased to say it passed with flying colours 🙂 Not only did it pick up all the accumulated crumbs/dust/hairs/etc but it also fluffed up the ancient carpets and the whole house looked fresher. The vacuum cleaner is dead, long live the Hoover 😉

The techy gremlins also attacked my phone which I only got in January. First I noticed that the clock reset itself to bizarre times on a couple of occasions, so I called O2 customer services. After checking my settings, it was discovered that my phone had the version of software released in June 2010 despite there having been an update in November 2010, so I needed to do an update. Luckily I have Novi Suite and had done a recent backup so it was easy enough to do the update myself. The really helpful young man at O2 called me back later to check all had gone well, which I thought was a nice touch. It seemed to sort the problem which was good, and the update had included an extra app or two so that was good.

However, since the update, I’d found that I couldn’t open individual contacts on my phone – which is a slight problem. So I called O2 again and we tried restoring factory settings but it didn’t help. Now my poor little phone has to go in for repair 🙁 It isn’t costing me anything of course, being a new phone, but it’s a just a bit of a pain – though they turn it around in 5 days apparently. Happily I’ve still got my old handset so I did another back up, wiped my phone, and swapped my SIM into the old phone. Get well soon little phone…

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