Store Card games.

Earlier this year, I bought something in Wallis and when I got to the till, was asked if I’d like a store card as I’d receive another £5 off my purchase. That seemed good, so I went ahead and got one – though I intended paying off the amount in full straight away.

A couple of weeks later, I received all the original forms with a compliment slip asking me to sign again s the signature had not gone through all copies. A few days after that, I received my card.

Then I forgot all about it.

Last week when I was in the Metrocentre, I passed Wallis and remembered the card – and realised I’d never had a statement. Surely my payment must be due by now? So I went in and asked if it was possible to just pay them using the card for the account details. It was, and I knew exactly how much I owed, so I paid it in full.

This week, I received my first statement from them – charging me an extra £12 for a “late payment” ! What a nerve! I was straight on the phone…

First of all, as with nearly everything these days, it was a blasted 08 number – which would cost us an arm and a leg (especially as we are not with BT! Why can’t companies give proper numbers anymore?!)

Then I had to go through several automated menus before I finally got to speak to someone ……. who sounded like he was in an Indian call centre. Oh great!

Next he wanted to take me through security and asked my password. What password? I haven’t got one since it’s a new account! No problem – we just went through a series of other questions, all of which most of my family would be able to answer easily. Then I was asked if I’d like to set up a password. I declined and said I intended cutting up the card after this call.

Finally, we got to the problem itself. I explained that I’d never had any statements from them and that I had, in fact, been in to the shop of my accord and paid the balance. So he kindly offered to refund the “late charge”I should think so too!

Then he said that there was still 56p owing – interest charged!!!! I managed to keep my temper – just – and said that in that case, why didn’t I charge them 56p for the phone call and we’d call it quits? There was a pause, and then he agreed to cancel the interest charge too. Finally, we agreed that my balance was now £0.00

“Would you like to set up a password now, Mrs K?”
No I flamin’ well wouldn’t! Why would I want to continue to do business with such a cowboy outfit?!

The first thing I did when I put the phone down was to cut up the card – which was rather satisfying.

Why is everything such hard work?


  1. I hate that they always ask if you want a store card. I bought something in a store the other day and had to say “no thank you” about five times (each time a bit more forcefully) before she finally let me pay with my debit card.
    .-= Suburban Mum´s last blog ..I hope you’re still here… =-.

  2. I normally say “no” too – now I know why 😉

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