Stone me!

Last weekend at Mum’s, I commented to her that I was needing the loo often, but put it down to drinking plenty of fluids as it didn’t seem to be a case of an over sensitive bladder (which I’ve had before.) On Monday at work I was the same, and I was feeling vaguely nauseas and had a vague headache. The niggly backache I’d got after spending the weekend walking slowly with mum hadn’t cleared up either so it added to my discomfort. I was also feeling warm (rare for me, as you know) and was wearing just a t-shirt all day in the office and that’s unheard of even in summer. By mid afternoon, it started to dawn on me that I might have a urine infection so I finished early and called in to my clinic to do a urine test. Sure enough, I did have a mild water infection so made myself some herbs to clear it up.

On Tuesday I still felt the same and if anything felt worse as the day progressed. At one point, my colleague said I was ghostly white and perhaps I should go home – especially as I was freezing cold despite the office being 23ËšC! I felt OK to carry on though so stuck it out although by the evening I did feel pretty rough. I made the dinner, and then Billy and I just watched some TV together as I didn’t feel up to much, and then I had an early night.

During the night I was a bit restless and woke with tummy/back pains a couple of times, took some herbs then went back to sleep. Until 2am when I woke with severe pains tracking from my back to my (left )groin! I took a heroic dose of herbs which did the trick (don’t try this at home folks, I’ve trained for this 😉 ) and in the morning needed the loo quite urgently but felt fine. Absolutely fine. No headache, no nausea, lots of energy, normal (cold!) temperature ……. and no backache! Hmm! How did I not work out before that it must have been a kidney stone? D’oh! Still, no problem now it’s gone. I did have this once, about 20 years ago, so I suppose I can cope with that once every 20 years – though I’ll have forgotten about it again by then!

Whilst on the subject of my own health, on Thursday I had a second aromatherapy massage by the student who is seeing me in my clinic for an exchange of therapies. She had mentioned that she has also been a practitioner of Reiki for ten years – and I confess that I’m not convinced about these “energy flow” types of healing so I didn’t really pay attention. She had said during my first treatment, that sometimes the Reiki kicks in and would I mind if it did – not really taking it seriously, I said it was fine – though it didn’t happen.

This time as I was laying on the couch and she was preparing to start, I did feel “something” I thought – my muscles went very relaxed and my heartbeat sped up a bit. I thought it was me doing it by consciously relaxing the muscles yet being a little tense and hence concentrating too much. Then it passed, she mentioned that it had kicked in a little and I said I thought I’d felt something but wasn’t sure. Then I had the normal massage with a lovely mix of oils – lemon, marjoram, black pepper and another that I can’t recall. The massage was lovely and though I felt relaxed enough, I was very much awake, alert and chatting as it was done. At the end, the weird sensation came, just as before and I tried to analyse it but couldn’t quite. It was an awareness of her hands – not quite a “heat” but a sort of “fizzing” despite them being still, and the same relaxing of muscles with a faster heartbeat. Again, before I could mention it, she said it had kicked in again and I tried to explain to her what it felt like – which was hard, especially as I’m an analytical person and still sceptical.

Anyway, massage done, I went to open my eyes and found it REALLY hard – I had to force them open and felt really groggy, like I’d just woken from a very deep sleep. Yet I hadn’t been that relaxed and had been chatting. It took me a good half an hour to rouse myself properly and wanted nothing more than to go to sleep, for the next few hours. I’d been energetic and raring to go before the massage so it was quite an about turn and rather a weird experience.

By the time I drove down to mum’s though, I felt fine and my neck and shoulders were nicely relaxed, and I almost forgot about the morning’s extreme lethargy. That night I had the most refreshing night’s sleep I’ve ever had (and I don’t have a problem sleeping normally anyway and almost always wake up bouncy and bright.) I slept right through without getting up for the loo at all (rare!) and even when I first woke at 5.30am I turned straight over and went back to sleep until just gone 7am. I felt so rested and fresh and I wondered if it was anything to do with the massage and/or Reiki. I’m still sceptical but prepared to wait and see what happens next time (in about a month) so watch this space….


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