St George’s Day 2011 – Eastbourne

As in previous years, (2010 2009 2008 2007 ) St George’s Day 2011 was mine and mum’s special day together, in memory of dad.


We hadn’t slept particularly well but were looking forward to our day and started, as always, by exchanging cards and little gifts. We’d brought a bunch of roses with us, and had them (minus the one we’d taken to the crem) in a jar in the room, and we mum made two of them in to buttonholes for us to wear.


I’d managed to leave Kitty’s England shirt at mum’s (she was a late addition to the party) so mum made her an outfit 🙂 For those of you who don’t know her, I really must write a post to introduce you to Kitty sometime! She’s quite a character and supports Newcastle, City and England and always wears the appropriate shirt for any game she attends or watches.


The weather forecast had been good but given that it was still April, we had both packed for sunny-but-not-hot weather – and had already found that the day before had been very hot. We therefore ditched our usual smart attire for t-shirts (our buttonholes looked a little out of place really, so we removed these at lunchtime.) We spent the morning reacquainting ourselves with the shops in town, noting what was still there and what had gone. (It must be a good few years since I was last there, though mum had been last October.) Since mum wanted a couple of new pillows for home, and we’d found our pillows in the hotel uncomfortable, she bought some for us to use that night, and I bought some Millies Cookies to take to Uckfield next day for Easter, but otherwise, we just enjoyed browsing.

After a picnic lunch in our room, we spent the afternoon on the seafront and pier and were unbelievably lucky with the weather – 27 degrees, bright sunshine and everyone in a relaxed and holiday mood. We even caught the sun a bit 🙂

By late afternoon, we finally realised we hadn’t yet had a drink (of alcohol that is) which was not what dad would have wanted at all! So we wandered into town hoping to find room at a table outside a pub. We particularly hoped to find one at the Duke of Devonshire – the only pub (or indeed, disappointingly, ANY place!) that was celebrating St George’s Day. Sadly, it was full as was the one next door. Neither mum nor I feel comfortable walking into pubs without a male escort and we decided to walk further down to Wetherspoons, with which we’re a bit happier as it’s more a family friendly chain. We found it almost empty inside, though there were a few people out in the garden at the back. We waited at the bar behind two others and several more people came in and formed a sort of line along the bar. We were not happy when some of these were served before us and we got a bit restless. The duty manager caught our eye and said someone would be with us soon which mollified us a bit and we waited our turn. We were completely taken aback when the same man then served a couple who were clearly behind us and as they were holding a menu, we think it was because he thought they were going to order food (which they didn’t) which was wrong in our opinion. We were both so annoyed that we left in disgust.

We walked back to the other bars and fate lent us a helping hand as there was now a table free outside so mum grabbed it and I went into the (empty) pub to get our drinks. Slightly annoyingly, we’d decided to have a half of Carlsberg each in Wetherspoons as they sponsor England(football team), but this pub didn’t have it. (We ended up with Grolsch which I rather like for its deep, full taste.) It was heavenly sitting out in the hot sun sipping cold beer watching the world go by, though poor dad looking down would no doubt have been saying it was about bloody time as he’d have been on his umpteenth drink by this time 😉


It was so pleasant that we had two drinks before moving on to the seafront for some chips from the corner chippie that always used to serve the best chips in Eastbourne. It was now a Harry Ramsdens so we decided we’d eat in, and even had a 3rd beer with our food – dad would have quite liked that we thought.

We took a slow walk back to the hotel afterwards, and though we hadn’t exactly done things as dad would have, we felt he’d have enjoyed us enjoying our day. Next year, we really must have Billy with us to help us out with the drinking as we are such light weights 😛

Happy 8th St George’s Day by proxy, dad. Happy St George’s Day to every English man, woman and child. 🙂

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