Spiced Apple Cake recipe

Since so many people have requested the recipe for the WICKED spiced apple cake I made last week, I thought it’d be easiest to post it here so you can help yourself 🙂

8oz / 225g Cooking apples – peeled, cored, chopped (I chopped relatively small bits)
8oz / 225g Mixed dried fruit
1/4 pint / 150ml Milk
6oz / 175g Soft brown sugar
12oz / 350g Self-raising flour
2 level tspns / 10ml Mixed spice
6oz / 175g Butter / Margarine
1 Egg – beaten
Sugar for sprinkling

1) Mix together the apples, dried fruit, milk and sugar.
2) Sieve together the flour and spice, then rub in the butter/margarine.
3) Add fruit mixture to the flour mixture and mix well.
4) Add the beaten egg and mix well.
5) Place mixture into a lined, greased 8″ (20 cm) square cake tin.
6) Sprinkle with sugar and bake in oven for 1 hour and 45 mins: Gas mark 3 / 325 Fahrenheit / 170 Centigrade.
7) Remove from oven (a skewer should come out clean and top should be golden brown) and turn out onto a plate to cool.

I cut ours up into chunky servings – it’s sort of a light bread pudding consistency and it’s gorgeous.

Enjoy! 🙂


  1. Come on! I know of 4 of you that have had a go – tell me how it went? Isn’t it delicious? 🙂


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