Sonny Day

A couple of Fridays ago, I had “booked” Stephen to help me to take all of the rubbish in our shed to the tip. The shed was quite literally bursting at the seams and it’s a job I hate. Once Billy is driving, he and Stephen can take on responsibility for the job since it’s mainly their rubbish!

It took us three trips with a full car (thank goodness for hatchbacks with fold-down seats!) and though it was a mucky horrible job, Stephen didn’t complain, was actually a big help, and I enjoyed his company.

When we got home, he had a phone call from a company to whom he’d sent his CV in reply to a job ad, offering him an interview the following Tuesday, which was great news. Neither of us knew where the company was, so we hopped back in the car and drove to the area to look. We found a building we thought it MIGHT be, but the company’s name was not listed, so when we returned, Stephen e-mailed them to ask. As it turned out, it was a good job we’d done a recce as it was indeed in the building we’d seen. At least he’d now know where he was going on the day.

I then asked if he had any suitable clothing for an interview, and was somehow not surprised to find, on checking, that he didn’t! He didn’t even know what size he was, so I had to get a tape measure to check. (15″ collar, 34″ waist, 32″ leg – my note to myself for future reference 😉 )

Back in the car we went and off to M & S to buy a pair of black trousers and a white shirt. (£9.50 each – he can pay me back when he is earning.) He needed a belt, but managed to find one, but when I asked if had suitable shoes, he pointed to his white trainers and said “Yes. These.” ARGH! I couldn’t afford some shoes as well so he borrowed some of Billy’s on the day. (Billy has 2 pairs of black shoes, Raji was borrowing one pair and Stephen borrowed the others – good job Billy was off that day! (And a good job they take similar sizes.))

On the day of the interview, I asked Billy to give Stephen a once-over to ensure he was suitably attired, and then when I got home from work, I asked how it went. It seemed to go quite well, the company sounded interesting, and the lady interviewing commented that it was nice to see Stephen smartly dressed as he was the only one who was. “So that was a waste of time, I didn’t need to bother!” was his remark to me. I had to explain why the contrary was true!

They had promised let him know either way, and by the end of the week, but sadly he didn’t get the job. However, they did say he’d interviewed well and they would keep his CV on file, which is good. He must be doing something right, and I suspect another candidate was simply stronger.

I hope I’m not speaking too soon but I’ve noticed over the last few weeks that Stephen appears to be maturing a bit. He has been very helpful and co-operative and does seem to WANT a job more. Fingers crossed something turns up soon.


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