Something had to give!

As you know, I juggle home, hospital work and my clinic on a weekly basis and recently this has become so much harder to do, both financially and logistically. Having agonised for a few weeks, I finally made a decision that my clinic has to go.

I am paying rent for a room that I am currently using just 2 days a week and I am spending those 2 days a week there when the family and the home, and occasionally the hospital job, need my attention. It will be sad to lose the clinic after 4 years, though I do still intend to provide for my patients’ needs. I will instead run my business from home, but I won’t see patients there – I will either do home visits, meet in a mutually convenient public place, or be willing to do sessions at other clinics and practices.

I will no longer keep a stock of the herbal remedies, but instead take advantage of my two suppliers’ new prescription dispensing service which means I can continue to supply herbs. It means that the remedies would be delivered directly to patients by post from the supplier, who will have made them up according to the prescription that I give them. As you can imagine, there are stringent rules about this so I’ve had to set up my arrangements so that they are satisfied, and I’m now ready to go. Of course, this meant revising my fees too, which took a while – and a lot of number crunching.

I have had to write to all my patients, to the GP’s and consultants that have sent me patients, and of course, had to re-write my website! I still need to sort out a couple more things and then I think I am clear to go ahead.

What a lot of work! Still, hopefully, I will gain a bit more time that can be used constructively, and I shouldn’t be letting anyone down. It also means I have time to see what the government is going to do about the issue of Statutory Regulation and how it will affect me.


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