So, a funny old week.

Having had so much going on lately, it’s been a funny old week or so, but I do feel I am on the up now, and that I’m dealing with things slightly better. Billy has also been working at being supportive and that does help – it’s cheered me up and made me feel more part of a team.

I had finished jet washing the garden on the Friday so we now have a usable garden – and of course, the weather has turned colder and wet! Typical!

Saturday was ironing and football watching day, and on Sunday, we went out as a family, which was the first time for ages. I think the others must all have worked out how much I’d been looking forward to it because they all entered into the spirit of the day and we had a wonderful time. We went to the Metrocentre and first had some food in Wetherspoons. For we ladies, it was an early lunch, and for the men it was a late breakfast, but we all enjoyed it regardless. We then went to see what films were on at the cinema and eventually settled on “Iron Man” which didn’t start for another couple of hours giving us time for the main purpose of the trip. The biannual kids’ clothes shopping session. They were both pretty thin on clothes and needed just about everything, but we’ve not long had to buy them a new laptop each and have had Billy’s mum staying too of course, so this was very overdue.

Stephen and Billy went off in one direction, and Laura and I in another – except we kept bumping in to each other. Both kids did really well with their budgets this time (for a change!) and managed to get a lot for their money. Stephen mainly needed a few pairs of jeans, and some trainers, but he is also starting to like shirts (as opposed to t-shirts) so he got some of these – he even remembered to buy a hoody for cooler days. Wow, there’s hope! 😉 Laura surprised me by being much easier to please this time and we found lots of tops, a couple of skirts, and even some trousers without too much difficulty. (Trousers are a nightmare as she’s so tall, yet so slim.) She also remembered a couple of warmer, sleeved tops, like her brother had.

Even more amazing, we were all done in good time for the film, so Billy and I pooled our last remaining cash to buy snacks and drinks, and we had a much needed sit down for a couple of hours. The film was pretty watchable, if fairly predictable, so was a good choice considering we were trying to find something for all of us. We had one final errand after the film – Billy had lost his wedding ring at cricket a week ago, so we went and got him an inexpensive replacement, and when I have some money I’ll buy him a nice one again – then he can use the cheaper one on cricket and football days. (He says he doesn’t like to be without it which is why he hadn’t left the original at home with all his other jewellery. He always takes his wedding ring off at the last moment and replaces it as soon as possible afterwards.) I had a lovely day out with three of those I most love, and I really enjoyed their company – hope I can persuade them all to humour me again sometime soon – and I think they enjoyed it too.

Strangely, on Bank Holiday Monday, I was lethargic and head-achy so didn’t feel like doing much at all. So I spent the day reading a whole book, cover to cover – and I can’t remember the last time I did that! (Never have time, rather than not wanting to read!) It was great! (Mind you, Feist is pretty un-put-down-able!) I gave myself a break in the afternoon, and as it was cold and very windy, quashing our BBQ plans, I decided to cook a curry and chappattis, from scratch, as taught by Billy’s mum. I also made a sponge cake for afters, and although at first it was an effort, I enjoyed making it, and we certainly enjoyed eating it. Gorgeous (if I do say it myself!) I then went back to reading my book and finished it in bed – very satisfying.

On Tuesday it was back to work, though as I can’t really get anything done in the house at the moment, that wasn’t too much of a hardship, and the rest of the week has been fairly routine.

I am definitely feeling more positive now than I was a week ago, and I’m looking forward to the weekend as I’m popping off to see mum – the weather forecast doesn’t look bad either 🙂


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