Sick Swan (Six One) – ManUre 1 – 6 City!

Derby days are wonderful/awful! It’s heart versus head – heart wants desperately to win, head fears the worst. My heart wanted us to go and play with confidence, but my head knew it was a tough job going to Old Trafford and getting a result, even playing as we are. I’d take a draw then.

Watching the game on TV, I was a bit concerned during the opening 20 minutes as City didn’t look too comfortable but that soon settled and though ManUre still looked lively, we seemed to cope with it and play a few moves ourselves. Somehow, we even went 0-1 up before the break, against the run of play, thanks to Mario and a beautifully taken shot. Even at half time at 0-1, I’d have taken a draw.

The second half was magic. Pure magic! I am sure every City fan watching felt the same as I did – completely unable to comprehend what we were seeing. (Come to that, every ManUre fan would probably have been feeling the same way too!) In a game of two halves, the second was all City.

Almost immediately after the break, ManUre went down to 10 men – and couldn’t really argue about it either but we’ve all seen how a team can become even harder to beat with 10 men so I didn’t expect much to change really. Then, about 15 minutes in, Silva and Milner set up Mario for another beautiful goal and I cheered so loudly I hurt my throat. As a second bottle of beer was required to help soothe it, it was unbelievable when I needed a third because I’d cheered and screamed so much! Aguero scored next and we were 0-3 up at Old Trafford! What was going on?

And then they got one back. 1-3 and I was thinking “here we go” this is the comeback. But no! As 90 minutes approached, we looked like we were going to take all 3 points, and in style with a 1-3 win! Nice 🙂 However, as it turned out, City weren’t yet done – and in the final 4 minutes went on the rampage (ironically, in true ManUre style) and scored another 3 goals! YES! THREE! For the last one as Dzeko went on the run on the left, I was half out of my seat screaming at the TV “Go on! Go ON!” and my celebration as he scored ensured that the cats – who had shot out of the cat-flap after our 2nd goal, stayed well clear until a whole hour after the game finished! 😀

The final whistle went (with very few ManUre fans left to hear it! 😉 ) and I was in dreamland!

Great result, enjoyed across the nation! 🙂

After calming down a little (OK, not much) I went upstairs to see Billy and Raji who were watching cricket and said, very softly, “Not sure if you knew, but City managed a narrow win.” 😀 I think the whole of the North-East probably knew every time City scored!

What an absolutely unbelievable game – City dominated. At Old Trafford. Against THEM! Blues are still enjoying watching the replays, sharing jokes and singing songs (“Who put the ball in United’s net? Half the City team did!” 😀 (Actually that’s a polite version, but you get the gist.) The football world HAS noticed. This was more than 3 points (5 clear at the top) and a massive boost to goal difference (one that subsequently lessened their own). It was a statement of intent – and though, as a lifelong City fan, I am waiting for it all to go horribly wrong, I’ll just enjoy the moment – though it seems surreal.

One thing I DID notice was the difference in the attitudes of the teams on the pitch. It was a generally clean spirited game with players showing each other mutual and professional respect. In the past, we’ve been the underdogs and acted it, for all that usually there’s been determination to put on a good fight – and they’ve been the top dogs, hardly deigning to acknowledge that this game has much meaning. They looked like they noticed us this time 🙂

It took all evening (and an unheard of 4th bottle of beer – resulting in a very full tummy. How do men drink so much of the stuff?) for me to calm down enough to go to bed so I can only imagine how it must have been for those that made the trip to the outskirts of Manchester. What a fabulous day. Derby days wonderful/awful? – this one was WONDERFUL 🙂

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