After spending Tuesday removing icebergs from defrosting the fridge freezer, Wednesday was supposed to be a usual Wednesday for me – gym, shopping, education meeting. I was just going to add cleaning the oven in the afternoon.

So off I went to the gym and had a good workout. Came home, grabbed what I needed to go shopping and went out the car. I started the engine and pulled away……….. or rather, I didn’t. The car moaned and roared and was dragging along the ground. What on earth….? So I tried again, with the same result. I tried reversing – same again. Agh!

I got out and studied the back passenger side wheel and saw marks on the road where it had dragged. I noted the position of the wheel (by “clocking” the location of a couple of landmarks) and tried again. Nope, still no joy. I got out and looked at the wheel again and could see that the wheel had not turned at all. Oh dear! What to do?

Ah, of course! Google: “seized wheel on car“. Brilliant – obviously a common problem though I’d never heard of it before in all my years of driving.

Back outside I went, explaining to Billy that I was going to loosen the wheel nuts and try moving forward and braking, backward and braking and hoping to loosen the locked brakes that way. Did we have a tool for that then, he wanted to know. Well thanks to my brother, whom I had asked to show me some (very) basics when I got my first car, I knew that we did and that it would be in with the spare wheel in the boot 🙂 Sure enough I found the gadget, removed the hub cap and set to work loosening the nuts. Girly level brute force didn’t work but I found that by sort of rocking back and forth, I could gradually loosen them sufficiently to turn the tool properly and I managed to do two nuts before Billy came out and volunteered to do the other two.

I then tried driving back and forth but the wheel was still seized tight, much to my frustration. So I went inside and called the friendly Kwikfit chappies and was asked technical questions which scotched any notions I may have that I know my way round a car as I hadn’t a clue (brake discs or drum? What?) I’d been doing the right thing apparently, though since I hadn’t used the car for a couple of weeks and the weather had been damp which can affect the brakes, it might be that a tap or two with a soft ended hammer might help things along. Back to the car with hammer in hand….

Nope, still no joy. Agh! OK, one more thought occurred to me and with nothing else to try, I went with my instincts and crawled under the car and squirted everything attached to the wheel with good old WD-40. I left it for a bit and then went out to try again. Although I didn’t get the loud click/crack I was expecting, I suddenly realised the car was moving freely. Hallelujah! 🙂

I tightened the nuts again, but as I have motorway driving to do wasn’t going to chance anything so I drove slowly down to Kwikfit and got the helpful people there to tighten them for me. YAY! Job done! (Mind you, I don’t think all that did the tyre any good! Fortunately it’s a new enough tyre that it should be OK for a bit.) Running short of time, I decided to nip over to Aldi for a few bits of shopping, return home and then go to the meeting before going back out to Tesco for the rest of the shopping later.

All this meant the day flew by without me cleaning the oven – but since I was proud of sorting the car almost by myself, I decided to let myself off the hook 😉

In fact, I rewarded myself by watching the England v Holland friendly and enjoyed it. I was interested to see what Stuart Pearce did with the team and tactics and to see how the players performed. A win would be nice but it wasn’t the be-all-and-end-all. I did actually get engrossed in the game and was pleased to see some passion and pride from the players. Holland were extremely tough opponents but to manage to get 2 goals back showed heart, though I couldn’t argue that the late Holland winner wasn’t deserved. A nice way to spend the evening after a strange sort of day 🙂

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