Secure silliness?

This week I’ve had three different silly “security” conversations with companies on the telephone.

The first (this happens a fair bit) was when a company called me and then asked to check my ID and confirm a couple of security details. I refused on the basis that they’d called ME and how would I know if they really were who they claimed to be? I told them that if the “information” they “wanted to share with me” was that important, they could write or e-mail – then I hung up!

The second was when I called a company I had not had cause to call before and they asked for my password. I said I don’t have one as I hadn’t called them before. So they asked for my place of birth. I’m never quite sure what I’ve put for this as (usually) I use the exact part of the city, sometimes I use the area of the city and (rarely) I use the city. So I guessed – and got was told: “Sorry, you have failed the security check as your place of birth is wrong.” I then had to explain the above (giving the 3 options) to get a chance with another security question. You couldn’t make it up!

Finally, I called my PAYG mobile provider to get my PAC number so I could keep my number for my new phone. The security question was how much credit I have left. “Erm… just under £3 I think, I’ve been running it down before calling and last I saw it was £3” But they wanted the EXACT amount. I didn’t know and explained that I couldn’t check as I was calling from that phone (at a cost of 20p per minute and umpteen automated menus through which to navigate before even speaking to a person!) So we wasted time and money) for a bit going in circles before I just started guessing and finally hit upon the right amount! Not at all secure and a really stupid security question to ask!

The world’s gone mad! 😛

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