Sari session.

On Thursday, Sarah and Helen came round for a girls’ night in and a sari-donning lesson.

First of all we ate pizza, salad, strudel and thick cream, washed down with wine (Sarah and I), Coke (Helen) and tea (Rani) and then we got the saris out.

We each picked one, and Rani showed us how to put it on, where to place the pleats, and how to get the pallu to drape just so. Since Rani is from the South, we were taught the southern style, which includes a pleated pallu rather than a straight draping over the shoulder. Once we’d each got a sari on correctly, she made us take them off and do it again ourselves – which was highly entertaining for her to watch, no doubt. (3 amateurs, one on her 2nd lesson, two on their 1st trying to gracefully arrange something like 6 meters of silk, which seemed to come alive in its own efforts to tie itself in knots!) 😀

We then took photos of our efforts, so to give you an idea, we’ve bravely agreed to let you see them!


  1. […] had given her. I said I was willing as long as she was patient as I’d have to concentrate to remember how to put it on. I did hesitate a bit and have to tweak here and there, but over all I was pleased that I did OK – […]

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