RIP My lovely Nan. 22/04/1919 – 27/09/2007

I have just received the phone call which I’ve expected so many times before.

My lovely Nan died in her sleep at about 9pm tonight.

I know it’s a release for her, and I don’t know how she’s managed to keep going for so long with all that she had to contend with. But I shall miss her! So very much.

She was the most involved with my life, of all my grandparents and she loved us all so much.

I bought her a pot of banana custard today too, as a little treat, and was going to post it tomorrow.  I’m so glad though that I sent her a little card last week.

Sorry, these are random, muddled, thoughts. It’s such a shock that she’s actually gone. It isn’t real.

RIP Nanny, you deserve your rest, but I shall miss you so very much, and will always love you. 


  1. So sorry to hear your sad news Anj…I just looked in to see if your going to the game and i have just read your heartfelt blog.
    I’m so sure she would have been dead proud to have you as a Grandaughter.
    Take care


  1. […] so we could leave for Sussex on Friday. On Friday we both wore our green ribbons in memory of my beloved Nan whose birthday it would have been. Rocky, mum’s cat, was booked into the cattery but […]

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