Return to Langley Castle

Last Friday night was Billy’s cricket club’s annual dinner and awards night – and as in previous years, it was held at Langley Castle (and why not? It’s a gorgeous setting, with excellent food and service.) The thing was, we haven’t been for a couple of years as we’ve had illness and conflicting engagements so I had sort of forgotten about its existence and was therefore unprepared when Billy said he had tickets for us to go. Usually I take rather a long time to track down the perfect dress (it’s very much a dress-up occasion) and build the outfit I plan to wear. There was no chance of that this year so I ended up going with the good old LBD and some killer heels.

We decided to go on the coach which was picking up from the cricket club (i.e 100m from our front door 🙂 ) and then bringing us back at midnight. This meant we could relax and enjoy the evening (and the booze!) without the expense of either a room there for the night, or taxis. We wandered across when Billy got back from Berwick (were he’d been working all week) – it’s not fair that men just have to have a quick shower and put on the old faithful suit to look good is it? We had one drink there and then boarded the coach, and on the journey we took part in a sweepstake, guessing how long the guest speaker’s speech would last 😀

When it came to the meal, we were sitting on a table in lovely company so it was a good evening. The food was perfect – tomato & basil soup with a grilled tomato stuffed with goats cheese; roast beef with all the accompaniments; Eaton mess; and coffee. All washed down with wine, of course – though I also drank 3 glasses of water with my 3 glasses of wine.

The speeches were entertaining and as in previous years, the wonderful togetherness of the club’s members shone through. The club boasts a 1st, 2nd, ladies, and juniors team and are well respected and liked in the sport locally.

The midnight finish was about right for me (I don’t like late nights, plus I was driving to the match the next day) and despite jokes that all the Newcastle fans there were going to stop speaking to me at midnight as I would then be “the enemy” it was a merry coach ride back. The only annoying thing was that for some bizarre reason the coach didn’t drop off where it should have done, but in town – so Billy and I got a taxi back since my heels wouldn’t allow me to hike home again. He wanted to join his friends in extending the evening in town pubs, and I was happy for him to do so as long as he dropped me home to go to bed first. We ended up bringing back other people’s awards and prizes so they could stay out unencumbered – which I didn’t mind, but I DO mind that they are STILL here cluttering up the hallway!

I’d had a really pleasant evening in a wonderful venue with some very lovely people – but as soon as my head hit the pillow, I was out like a light!

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