Rat racing.

The weeks are just flying past without me blogging, and it feels lately as though all I do is work – 2 days in my job and 2 days overtime for the secretaries’ department – and then I spend the other days trying desperately to do everything needed to keep a household of 5 people and 3 cats running smoothly.

Each week is a race:
I race to get everything done in my office in my 2 days knowing I will be back to square one when I go in the next week;
Wednesdays are a race to get the shopping, cooking and cleaning done just to keep us going until the weekend;
for the two days I am helping the secretaries I race to do as much as possible to give them the most help I can, though it will never be enough as they are just too stretched;
and at weekends I race to get all the ironing done and more cleaning, cooking etc to get us through the next week.
Even on the days I work I race to get the washing out to dry before I go and try to keep on top of washing up and tidying the kitchen.

I am sort of used to it but I absolutely hate it! I like to feel that I am top of things and can do a proper job of whatever I do. If I do get caught up with one thing, the others go to pot – for example, I’ve just covered 2 weeks for my colleague so I’ve been doing my own job Monday to Friday. This has been wonderful at work as I’ve done everything. Everything! I am up to date with all aspects of my work, ahead in one area, I’ve had time to do some training and to work on a project.I’ve even been able to do extras such as sorting files and appliances. Bliss! But the house has suffered as a consequence (slightly less so the second week as Billy was off and did the laundry and washing up) and of course the secretaries have had no extra help.

Much as we could do with me working full time (and I am looking) I know I would hate it as I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the house/family needs and I feel we already exist at my absolute minimum bearable level of housework and family meals. Four days in one job would suit me best but in the meantime I’ll just keep trying my best.

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