R.I.P Trea

Just two weeks after his baby (Schnee) died, Trea also died – peacefully, in his sleep. Nel found him when he was still warm and came sobbing in to me, holding him in her hand.

We’d only been saying a day or two before this that we thought he may not have long left as he had lost a lot of weight, and his fur was looking unkempt. So we were expecting it, but it was still sad.

Trea and his daughter are going to be buried together (large pot on way for this) because Nel wants them to be together in sleep, as they never were in life (due to their opposite genders!)

Just “Mummy” hamster left now 🙁

Trea again


  1. Poor Nel (and you!).

    Burying them together is a lovely idea.
    .-= Hannah´s last blog ..Hannah Heasley is fundraising for Alzheimer’s Society – JustGiving =-.

  2. Thanks Hannah – Nel and I are firmly of the opinion that we can never regret the time we’ve had with our pets, even though it’s sad when they go, so we love them despite knwing one day it’ll be goodbye.
    Can’t contact you to give you password so do get in touch if you’d like it. X

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