R.I.P Schnee

On Saturday 9th January 2010, little Schnee died peacefully in her bed.

She was the baby hamster and really, had been amazingly lucky/tenacious to have had the life she did and that’s the way we’re trying to look at it. She was the only surviving pup of Nel and Trae’s four, and she had one leg (the back left, from the knee down) missing. Then she developed some sort of growth behind her ear, and then one under her armpit, and started to lose furn on her tummy. It looked like lymphoma for which there is no cure and recently her remaining fur started to look a little messy and unkempt. She’s also been more aggressive which is a sign of pain, though otherwise she seemed to be carrying on as normal.

On Friday night she was running around in her wheel, and she climbed the bars to say hello to me when I was passing, so I stopped for a little chat with her. She was such a cutie and we’re so pleased to have had for the time we have.

As a baby: Photobucket
In her wheel, missing leg never seeming a problem: Schnee in her wheel

We can’t bury her until the garden thaws out, so she’s resting peacefully in a box with lots of bedding in the meantime.

R.I.P Little Schnee – you were a little miracle and we loved you.

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