R.I.P Nel (the hamster)

On Tuesday night Nel (daughter!) came into my bedroom sobbing and holding Nel (hamster!) saying that something wasn’t right. Little fluffy Nel was an old, old lady but was still fairly lively and enjoyed he fresh titbits each day. We were very aware though that she was likely to die sooner rather than later, and she had recently developed a tumour under her back left leg which had slowed her down a bit.

Anyway, on Tuesday night she appeared to be drifting in and out of consciousness and twitching every so often, so I cuddled Nel (daughter) and we talked about Nel’s life, her baby Schnee, and her general character. Nel said she’d never actually seen an animal die before (though she’s seen them afterwards) and I explained that having been with people and animals as they’ve passed away, I felt it was a privilege to be with someone as they make their journey out of this world. Slowly her sobs faded and she just held the hamster close, letting her know she was with her. Eventually she said she was going to go to bed, but she’d put Nel in the little carrier-tank so she could have her with her.

I came downstairs in the morning to find a note saying that Nel had died at 12.45am. I’m so glad that Nel (daughter) had been able to be with Nel (hamster) a it’s a humbling experience and a comforting one.

Nel is now buried with her favourite toy (a food filled log) underneath the beautiful miniature rose that mum gave me a couple of St George’s Days ago, which seems fitting.

Nel with a nut
R.I.P Nel

R.I.P Nel.

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