Quiet but pleasant New Year 2012

Although I wasn’t quite 100% better, and Billy had started to sniffle, we both wanted to keep our annual New Year’s dates with our friends so we did so but kept it low-key.

On New Year’s Eve we met up with Simon & Claire, Sol & Louisa, Tim & Geraldine, and Raji and had a quick drink (orange juice for me) in Havanna hoping to see Paul, but he wasn’t there. We then all went to the Golden Dragon for dinner and they all had the banquet but as my appetite wasn’t quite back to normal yet I opted to choose just a main dish and had just one (large) glass of wine with it. This proved to be a good choice as I doubt I’d have managed to eat the banquet yet thoroughly enjoyed my lemon chicken and noodles and polished it all off, to my surprise. It was a nice quiet, but very pleasant evening with good company and delicious (as ever) food. When we’d finished, we went to the Tap & Spile for a drink and found the town to be very quiet for a New Year’s Eve – presumably people just don’t have the money/energy this year for big celebrations. I debated what to drink as I didn’t want to mix and opted for a port & lemon in the end – a drink we often used to have at Christmas when we were children so it fitted the mood nicely. I’d assumed we’d stay there to welcome in the New Year but apparently not, and we decamped again to the Grapes – at least this year the music was quieter. I’d had enough alcohol by then and had a lemon & lime, but had I known we were changing pubs I’d have had my drinks the opposite way round so that I could welcome in 2012 with a proper drink. As soon as we’d seen in the New Year, we left and were in bed well before 1am.

Much to my disgust, as with last year and the one before, I felt dreadful the next morning, and once again, it can’t have been drink related. I don’t understand why I always feel so ill on New Year’s Day because neither drink nor late night are unique to this time of year 🙁 Again, as in the past, I did start to feel a little better by the time we left to go to Pat’s for our usual New Year’s Day meal and games. On the way, we popped in to Wetherspoons – hoping to see Roger Junior & Senior, but they were not in. We then found out that Junior was in Havanna so we went to wish he and Steph a Happy New Year and had a quick drink with them. (Orange Juice for me again.) Typically, Paul and Billy decided on a second drink, making us late arriving at Pat’s, which had the knock on effect of making dinner later than planned and meant that Raji had to miss out as he had to go to work. (He ended up grabbing a couple of chocolate bars as his breakfast/dinner on the way 🙁 ) It was decided during the course of the afternoon, that as Raji had missed out and Barbara wouldn’t be here next year, we’d have another get together in February sometime. As it turned out, despite the boys’ protests to the contrary, we had all run out of steam for the games by midnight and since the girls were 3-2 up, we agreed that in February we’d pick up where we left off to give the boys a chance. For dinner we had a gorgeous roast – pork and turkey – with all the trimmings and Christmas pudding to follow. I was absolutely stuffed and couldn’t even manage any cheese and biscuits later, but I’d enjoyed the meal so much that I didn’t mind too much. The between-course entertainment this year was making balloon animals – but I don’t like balloons and hate it when they burst so I only made a token effort with this, butPat really is a wonderful hostess and once again, a good time was had by all.

Annoyingly, City’s game against Sunderland has been shifted to this day, and I made do with Twitter updates to follow it. It remained 0-0 all through until a 93rd minute off-side goal for Sunderland gave them the victory! Unbelievable! Apparently City had had many chances and hit the woodwork a couple of times, but Sunderland had kept playing and by all accounts not undeserving of their 3 points. Ah well!

MCFC’s 60 second highlights here.
MCFC’s extended highlights here.

So, a good day anyway and I wish you all a Happy 2012.

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