Pre-Christmas R&R

After the Norwich match I drove to mum’s and was staying there so that I could go to the Bayern München game midweek, giving me a few days R&R with one of my favourite people in the whole world 🙂

We decided to go Christmas browsing/shopping on the Sunday and we had such fun – we even bought a couple of bits so that I could at last say I’d officially started my Christmas shopping 😉 It would soon be mine and Billy’s wedding anniversary too, our 7th which apparently was our woollen anniversary, and as we do like to buy something to fit the theme, I wanted to look out for something woolly for Billy. We’d already agreed not to spend much money this year as we don’t have much, so I was struggling somewhat. We racked our brains for something a bit different but could only think of the usual woolly hats/gloves/scarves which seemed a bit dull, so I had to leave it. We also mused about the current fashion for leggings and a long top and being in a somewhat light-hearted mood we decided to try some on and see if we suited them. We decided we did so we got a pair each. 🙂 It was a silly, giggly, fun day – even going to Tesco for a few groceries isn’t dull with us two! After that we went home for tea and crumpets to keep us going until dinner before relaxing in front of TV for the night.

On Monday mum had to go to work so I nipped to Costco and Ellesmere Port, and then just enjoyed a day at home catching up with a few things. I then had a lazy evening with mum when she returned, but on Tuesday she’d taken the day off so we could go out to play 🙂 We decided to go to Wrexham as I haven’t been there for absolutely ages. We had another really enjoyable day out, and though it was rather cold, it didn’t spoil it. Mum knew of a small bakery with a cafe upstairs and we had a lovely hot lunch of gorgeous cheese-on-toast which just melted in the mouth, accompanied by a hot cup of tea. With this time of year being so busy, we thought parking might be difficult so we went on the bus and I quite enjoyed that too and some of the scenery was pretty. We didn’t really buy much but I’d really enjoyed browsing round some different shop and in such excellent company too 🙂

In the evening a colleague of mum’s came round – with a hamster for Nel! Mum had heard that the hamster was not getting much attention and sounded Nel out about adopting it – was there ever going to be any doubt about the answer? 😉 We hadn’t previously known what type or gender the hamster was, only that its name was Rody (presumably short for rodent) When I saw it, although I couldn’t tell the gender just by looking at the furry blob running around in the cage, I could see it was a Campbell’s dwarf and thought Nel would be pleased. Mum and I debated where to keep little Rody (who wasn’t a bit shy and very happy to come out and say hello) so that Rocky wouldn’t get at him/her. The only room in the house which could be shut to keep Rocks out was the downstairs loo, but it was freezing in there and we were worried that it would be far too cold. Eventually we settled on the cupboard under the stairs which was out of the way but plenty big enough that Rody could get air. We didn’t need to check up on him/her – we could hear the wheel spinning vigorously for hours on end.

On Wednesday I spent the day organising my things for the evening’s football match and for going home very early next morning (I was working on the Thursday so needed to drive home to leave Rody, then go straight to work.) I packed the boot and just left myself what I’d need, and then set off for my game at 4.15pm to allow plenty of time…

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