Postcode lottery – petrol!

With the ever increasing cost of petrol, I’ve started to look at prices during my travels and can’t believe how much it varies! (I don’t understand why it should do – anyone know?)

At home, it’s 129.9p per litre, though in Chester/Manchester it’s 127.9 so I’ve started putting in just enough to get me there and then I fill up before coming back home. Last weekend I noticed that in Wigan (the setting for my mystery tour) it is 126.9 which is the cheapest I’ve seen.

At the other end of the scale, the petrol station near the end of the M56 in Chester is charging 130.9 and one of the motorway service stations a whopping 137.9!

In real terms, this means that the cost of me driving to a match or to mum’s and back has risen from about £35 when I first moved here 7 years ago, to almost £70 now! (Same car, same route, same conditions.)

And yet we live in a society where use of a car is pretty much assumed – out of town supermarkets and retail parks, and a lack of inexpensive, efficient an reliable public transport. Good job I don’t smoke, gamble or go pubbing/clubbing as it looks like my car is my indulgence.

Petrol Price finder here if you want to shop around.


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