Poorly Little Boy (My Godson)

I have three Godsons, the eldest Simon is *cough* 23; next is Jake 19; and then there is Callum, who is 7. Simon is the son of friends I met when I was 17. Jake is the son of my oldest school friend.

I met Callum’s dad, Ian, through football and he’s one of the group of my first Man City friends. His wife, Lisa, also became a friend, and they did me the honour of asking me to be Callum’s God-mother when he was born as their sixth child. Billy and I went to Manchester for the Christening and he was Christened in his City (away) kit by a City vicar 🙂


Sadly, his parents are no longer together but are both still friends of mine and though I don’t see Callum with us both moving away from the original areas, I do still stay in touch. He is an adorable little boy and has an infectious grin – always looking like he’s up to mischief and always seems to be smiling. A cheeky, chirpy little chap.

He has just been diagnosed with leukaemia! 🙁

His mum and dad sent me photos of him being a brave little soldier in Alder Hey hospital whilst they did tests to see what type he has.

Alderhey having tests June 2010
With Daddy in Alderhey June 2010

After a day of awful suspense, they said he could be treated and have now started him on chemo. Thank heavens!

Now, however, he’s got an infection so had to be rushed back to hospital last night and was looking a lot less chirpy this morning.

Callum July 2010

Poor little mite!

I wish I could magic him better, I wish I could do more to support his poor mum and dad. I wish lots of things, but I can’t actually do anything – except send him my love and prayers.

Get well soon little man. Remember the City motto: Superbia in Proelio. Pride in Battle. I will try and come and see you later this month and give you a proper cuddle first hand.


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