Poor Nel.

Poor Nel hasn’t had much fun lately.

Her work escorting a child to school has been stressful lately as he has some issues which make life tricky – though at least there is now some help to try and address them, including her being sent on a course to give her some training in dealing with the specific problems. Her dog walking is enjoyable still, except that another dog-walking business has been pinching some of her existing and potential clients lately which is rather galling for her.

Then Lev, one of her Roborovski hamsters has died 🙁 She just found him in his bed, though has no idea why. She did say she’d noticed he had been a bit hyperactive a couple of days before – and in hamsters this CAN be a sign that they are in pain – but you can’t assume every time they are running around they are in pain. We think he must have had an illness or disease that we could not detect, and his brother seems absolutely fine. Lev is now buried in a pot in the garden and we’ll buy a plant in the spring to commemorate his little life.

She then came down with a very heavy cold – I did wonder if it was flu as she was so poorly, and to top it off, this set off her nosebleeds. She had several bleeds, including one whilst in the bank when she had to grab some tissues and run for her bus to get to work, and then when I came home from work last Friday, she’d had a couple of bleeds including one that was still going after 30 minutes. Over the course of the day she’d got through a box of tissues, and one and a half loo rolls! I asked if she thought we ought to take her to casualty, which she didn’t much fancy as last time (8 years ago) they’d stuffed a giant tampon-like wedge up her nose, she’d almost passed out and we ended up being blue-lighted to Newcastle for clotting tests etc. The poor child had “merely” had flu, got dehydrated and had a nosebleed that wouldn’t stop. Naturally she wanted to avoid a repeat if possible – so what did we do? We found a tampon that’s what! 😀 And it did the job. For a bit. At 7.00pm we ended up heading to casualty after all! 🙁 Billy passed on my apologies to the darts team and I spent 2.5 hours waiting with Nel – whose nosebleed stopped as we arrived! Naturally! What was frustrating was that we waited all that time without knowing for what we were actually waiting! We didn’t know if it was to see if the bleeding resumed or stayed stopped, or to see a doctor, or what. No-one pointed out there were magazines in the corner of the room (we discovered them 10 minutes before we left!) or where to get a drink of water or find the loo. Eventually, a doctor who looked Stephen’s age (no disrespect to him though – it just made me feel ancient 😉 ) arrived and looked at Nel, said that he could see some very fragile blood vessels in her nose, and told her how to stop nosebleeds by pinching her nose for 20 minutes. That was that and we came home! Very helpful!We were exhausted and both went straight to bed. When I called Billy to tell him, he was relieved all was OK, sorry for our wasted trip and said he’s pick up a box of tampons on his way home. Bless him! (And he did – they were in the bathroom when we got up in the morning.)

Poor Nel, she’s not been having a great time.

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