Play first – then work!

Last weekend, we had no darts game on the Friday night as we’d had a bye in a cup competition, and there was no football at the weekend, giving a rare entire weekend in which to be productive.

You may recall that the previous week at darts, I felt I needed some practise as I was so rusty and my team-mates volunteered to help. So it was that on the Friday night, Paul escorted me to the cricket club (as Billy had only just got home from work and wanted a shower and change before joining us) and we were joined by both the Rogers, Graham, Raji and Billy. We played a couple of team games and since we were a man short, I played twice – thus giving me extra practise. I had a thoroughly enjoyable evening with some of my favourite people – and we were even provided with food – which is usually only done for league games – and we certainly hadn’t pre-arranged any. It’s one of the reasons we so enjoy playing at the club – we feel so welcome there and can relax in a pleasant atmosphere.

Whilst playing, we were also able to keep an eye on the Montenegro v England Euro 2012 qualifying match. I’m rather glad we had the distraction of playing our darts as the football looked less than inspiring to say the least. A couple of times I was amazed we didn’t concede, so much space was given to Montenegro’s attacking players! In the end the 2-2 was a lucky escape for England I thought, and fair play to Montenegro. England were poor, and Rooney’s red card incident mind-numbingly stupid! There was no red mist, no heat of the moment – his face showed clearly how deliberate his actions were and he deserved the red card. Stupid, stupid, STUPID man! (And for the record, I would be saying exactly the same were he a City player (heaven forbid!)

After playing Friday night, the rest of the weekend was hard work – but satisfying.

On Saturday I spent the day, in the rain, tidying the garden ready for winter. Having been caught out by the early snow last year, I was determined not to have it happen again this year. So I cleared away all the dead foliage and the weeds, emptied the smaller, bare pots of earth and stacked them for over-winter storage in the shed. I arranged for a friend to have the two 5 ft+ fir trees as they’ve outgrown their pots and need to go in the ground now. I put the garden furniture away and sorted the shed so that our 20 5L bottles of water are to hand in case of need (we’ve been caught out a few times with no water supply). I then collected up all the rubbish and swept up the worst of the dead leaves, spilled earth, bits of cat litter and thick moss, and finally took it all down to the tip. On the way back I treated myself to a tray of winter flowering pansies for £3, and then planted them in the remaining pots and wall planters. I don’t expect them to do much over winter, but it’s always nice to have a little splash of colour as things get milder, but before spring is properly here. The only thing that remains is to jet wash the concrete but I think I need to apply common sense this time and get Billy to do it – the work really is to heavy for me and I’ve always regretted it when I’ve pushed myself to do it in the past.

For the rest of the weekend I did the usual chores, plus some baking – Millionaire’s shortbread and an apple crumble 🙂

Amazingly, at the end of it all, I didn’t ache as much as I expected – must be the gym sessions paying off (yes I’m still going and am gradually increasing my limits.) 🙂

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