Pets Update.

Last Thursday, I went and collected Tinker’s ashes from the vet – and had a little cry of course. Holding those in a box, was such a contrast to holding his warm, soft, purring, affectionate little furry body in a cuddle. That said, the pet crematorium had presented the ashes beautifully, in a little circular box which had a gold label with Tinker’s name on it. This in turn was nested in a white satin lining in a larger box, and came with a certificate. We have decided to scatter his ashes in Tinker’s favourite spot – the undergrowth edging the cricket club, where he loved to go mousing. (They must be over-run with mice now he’s not keeping the numbers down! 😉 ) Nel asked if we can keep just a few to put in with Jet’s ashes as we all felt that they shared one soul – they were so alike it was uncanny. We like this idea so that’s what we will do.

Garfie is still on walkabout, which leaves just Timmy at home now. He’s been getting rather spoiled with both attention and tidbits, but we do think he’s lonely without other cats. He seems to want company, and at the weekend, he sneaked upstairs and settled himself on my bed, where he stayed all day. Even when I did the ironing he didn’t move, so I had to place the newly ironed clothes around him on the unmade bed!

Timmy & the ironing!

We are beginning to feel that we will get a couple more cats. We’re used to having four and we do have a good, loving home to offer. We’ve decided against baby kittens, but maybe a young pair between 6 and 18 months – depending on what cats need re-homing in this area once we’re looking.

Sadly, the new Syrian hamster that Nel bought has just died. She had wet tail which is a digestive disease and often fatal. There can be a genetic tendency or it can be induced by stress, and Luppi was definitely a very nervy little thing that Nel simply couldn’t tame despite her experience and best efforts. Apparently it can be a very distressing death which we dreaded, but Luppi seemed to go peacefully and without some of the more graphic signs of the disease – possibly the provision of plenty of dried oats helped, but whatever the reason, we are thankful. She will be buried with Rikki, and now that spring appears to be around the corner, Nel and I will go and choose a nice plant for their grave. She has decided not to get another Syrian, and stick to dwarf hamsters now. Happily wet tail, whilst highly contagious amongst Syrians, is not passed on to dwarf breeds, though Nel intends to thoroughly disinfect Luppi’s cage anyway.

So, for now we are down to 1½ cats and 3 dwarf hamsters.

(And three men! 😉 )


  1. Sorry to hear about Luppi.
    Hope the right time comes soon for you to have new hamster and feline additions to the family.
    There’s nothing like having little furries to love!

  2. Thank you. I know – and I’m glad you now have little Rocky 🙂


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