Peppy Paws.

As you may recall, Nel has been desperate for part time work for some time now, and particularly since she was told that she can have a dog if she pays for its upkeep, so she has been applying for quite a few jobs. Sadly she rarely gets any response at all, never mind an actual job (this seems to be the norm these days and is very rude and unprofessional, in my opinion.)

Being a determined little thing, she’s now decided that if she can’t get an existing job, she’ll create one herself! Good for her! 🙂

She has therefore set up her own dog walking and small pet sitting service within Hexham and already has her first client. She now walks Max, a 7 year old Labrador, three times a week for 45 minutes each time – and loves it! She’s called her business “Peppy Paws” as she liked the alliteration and “peppy” being another word for “happy” – and she expects to be peppy herself with her love (and experience) of animals to back her.

To support her, Billy donated his mobile phone, and we lent her the money for the first top up on the SIM for it, giving her a separate business number. I have created her a sub-domain of my business website and Stephen wrote her a page on it – just a basic page for now but more detail can be added as and when needed. I also designed (and paid for!) some business cards and a large T-shirt to wear over her normal clothes whilst working so she can spread word that she’s there. I’ve told her the basics of running a business and keeping accounts, so now the next thing is to get herself sorted with insurance and she is on her way 🙂

I don’t know if this will take off for her but we’re very proud of her for trying and for being prepared to work for what she wants. We know she will be reliable and responsible, and hopefully this can become the job she truly loves. Now let’s hope she gets the business she wants and can make it a full time job when she leaves school in summer after sitting her AS exams.


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