Patriotic Day (Trooping the Colour + England v USA football)

In keeping with my mood at the moment, I spent Saturday watching a LOT of TV! (Unheard of for me.)

In the morning, I watched The Trooping of the Colour, exchanging texts with mum as she was watching it too of course. It always amazes me when they say that many of the men have not taken part before. Dad did it for many years during his 22 years service in the Coldstream Guards – and I still remember the delight in 1977 when he was shown on TV filling the whole screen when the camera zoomed in on him.

Although it was “only” the Grenadiers (lots of friendly rivalry between the regiments) they did an absolutely outstanding job and particularly impressive given that they haven’t long been back from Afghanistan. The whole event made me reminiscent (the WEEKS of boot polishing beforehand); weepy (Figaro, the Coldstream slow march, gets me every time – and makes me remember dad trying to teach my brother and I how to slow march. I still can’t do it, it’s very hard); and above all – proud. Well done to all who took part, it was fantastic.

Later I watched the first half hour of South Korea v Greece in the World Cup – Greece were simply awful, and I don’t miss Samaras 😉

I then did the ironing whilst watching a film before watching Argentina v Nigeria with Stephen. What a great game and the Nigerian keeper was outstanding – Tevez, Messi et al should have won by 5 or 6 goals otherwise.

Then in the evening, it was time for the big game – England v USA. I don’t think many England fans have been filled with optimism once Capello named his final squad – and the starting line up was less than convincing too. However, all seemed well when Gerard scored early on and the USA looked to have little chance of getting one back. THEN the commentator started waffling about Capello being happy to go in at half time one up, and I said he’d cursed us and the USA would now score. And they did! 🙁 Sadly, it was due to bad keeping by Green and I suspect the media won’t let him forget it. I admit James would have been my preference with Hart as second, but that doesn’t make Green a poor keeper nor should he take all the blame. Our front line were fairly poor too, and had chances to put us back in front. It finished 1-1 then, but hopefully as we now drop altitude for the next games, and perhaps feel a little less blasé, we can go on to perform well. On the plus side, I did think the team played well as a team – rather than the individuals they have been in the warm-ups. Come on England!


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