Our World Crumbles a little more!

On Tuesday morning, at 10.30, I received a phone call at work from Mrs Gem. She’d seen a dead cat at the side of the road just along from our house and she was pretty sure it was Tinker!

I think I wailed down the phone before I composed myself enough to thank her, and then I dropped everything and dashed off home to see. I couldn’t walk fast enough so spent the last couple of pounds I my purse on a taxi and as we pulled up, I saw the dustbin lorry nearby and panicked in case they’d taken him. The taxi driver dropped me off just as a lady with 3 children crossed over to see if the cat had a collar. I ran over and it was indeed our darling little Tinks, and I started crying. The lady kindly stayed with him whilst I ran to get the blanket out of my car and then I wrapped him in it. Just as I did so, a car swerved over from the other side of the road and the lady driver said she’d found him at 8.50 am and placed him on the pavement as he had been in the middle of the road and she didn’t want him to be repeatedly run over. We all agreed he looked peaceful and it must have been a very quick blow to the head. Through my tears I thanked her and the other lady again, and then Mrs Gem appeared and she walked ahead of me to open the front door for me.

I carried my baby in and then was uncertain what to do next as I didn’t want to take him in the living room where Timmy was in case it distressed him. I went upstairs and saw Stephen was up so went to his room, crying as I told him. He managed to say all the wrong things, though I know he didn’t mean to. Then I went to Laura and she was upset but composed. I went to my room and sat on my chair, still cradling him and knew I needed to take him to the vet for cremation. First I needed to talk to Billy – Mrs Gem had called him after calling me so he knew, but I wanted to confirm that it WAS Tinks, check if he agreed with my plans, and find out if he wanted to see him first. Unfortunately Billy was with a patient so I had to wait what seemed an age before he called back and then there was no way he could get away from work so wouldn’t be able to see him.

Laura came with me to the vet, so I gently placed Tinky on the back seat of the car, still wrapped in the blanket. I carried him into the surgery, and through my tears told them what had happened and asked them to arrange for his cremation, and return to us of his ashes so we could scatter them in his favourite place – the cricket club grounds. (From whence he was presumably returning that morning as he was killed right outside there.) They were very good and took him from me, promising to call when I could collect his ashes, and said I could pay etc then. On the way out, we received sympathetic looks from the people in the waiting room, and then we drove home again.

Unfortunately, I had to go back to work as there was an afternoon clinic, but it was very hard to work. I kept crying and thinking of our beautiful, sweet natured darling, who even at nearly 4 years old, was a baby at heart (despite actually being a physically large cat.) Now he always will be a baby, never growing old or ill. Maybe he will forever gambol through the fields mousing and meowing at anyone along the way for cuddles. He was such a placid cat, loved his cuddles, which he’d ask for by meowing at our feet, and would happily stay in whatever position you happened to hold him, purring away and curling his dear little paws over your arm.

Somehow Billy and I got through our days and we decided to go to the pub afterwards. By happy coincidence Paul & Steph, Roger & Steph, and a couple of other friends were there, and we ended up staying for more than one. In fact I had 3 glasses of red wine on an empty stomach – but I needed them! We grabbed kebabs on the way home – though I was very good and ate mine without sauce so with that and the wine, I only went 2 points over my allowance – no mean feat when in such a state of shock and upset!

We are devastated. We adored that little puss, and poor Timmy is a little bewildered, I think, at having people keep crying into his fur. Garfie has been on another walkabout since before Christmas, and we didn’t get another cat after Toby died as we felt Tinky wouldn’t like it as he was very much the adored baby of the family. So now we just have Timmy at home – and yes, when we are ready, I think we will offer a good home to one or two more cats. But not just yet – this hurts so much and we need time to come to terms with this latest tragic loss, on top of losing Billy’s mum.

Nel had taken quite a few photos of Tinker recently, including some of him playing in the snow last week, and she has let me have copies so we can remember how beautiful he was.

Tinker, our baby
Snowcat Tinker
Tinks playing with snowman
Tinks windowsill

With the other cats on Rani’s bed:

3 cats on Patti's bed
Timmy & Tinker on Patti's bed

And as a kitten when we first got him from the RSPCA 3.5 years ago:



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