Our Clever Girl.

Nel got her GCSE results on Thursday, and was hoping for the 5 passes at C or above, including English and Maths so that she could get into 6th Form after her aborted college plans. As you may remember, she’s had an awful time at school, with bullying, lack of confidence, and difficulties with some teachers. Maths has always been a struggle for her and her English dropped considerably in the last year, making both of these tricky and the latter a serious doubt for a pass. Both the graphics and art exams require a LOT of work/hours and as she was struggling to give 100% to both subjects, she was advised to concentrate on art and not worry about graphics, so she was resigned to failing graphics.

Despite all this, our clever girl got 5 C’s (English Language; English Lit; Maths; R.E; and Graphics) and a B for Art! We are so very proud of her and pleased that she won’t have to worry about re-sitting any. It’s taken a lot of determination for her to get through but she’s done it and we hope she will now go from strength to strength with her chosen A Level subjects.


  1. Well done Nel, your hard work obviously paid off. x

  2. 🙂 Thank you Jen.


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