Oooh, making me better!

Firstly, in case you switch off before reading the whole – I am getting upgraded! 🙂 My wonderful hosts, DivisionX have notified me that they

 “… will be upgrading our hosting infrastructure starting this week.
Client hosting accounts will be moved to faster, better and more
secure servers in our new data centre. The move will be made in
batches very late at night to ensure minimal impact. Hosted clients
will receive an email notification before your particular account
is migrated.” Apparently I should get  more security, and even a newer version of WordPress. Not only this, but their support team will be on hand 24/7 in case of need.

I have been told that my upgrade is likely to be on Wednesday. So, should you come to read my latest wafflings to lull you off to sleep, and find me AWOL, this will be the explanation. However, such is my trust and faith in DivisionX that I am sure it won’t be for long. Isn’t it refreshing to have a company that notifies you in advance? Part of the reason I love them so much. See you on the other side…

As for the remainder of last week – work, work, work! Nothing went smoothly, files were missing, patients not happy – some with cause and some without, and I was struggling by Thursday evening. Happily, I was led astray by two very bad men – Billy and Paul, and we went and had a few drinks (I only had 3, but they were on an empty stomach!) Sadly, Paul had a better offer, one he couldn’t refuse, ;) at about 8pm. Having been bad anyway, Billy and I went to our favourite restaurant for a bite to eat. This gave me the energy to get through Friday which was very much a continuation of Thursday.

Over the weekend, I’ve been trying to get ahead of myself for the mad period of house guests and travel. I’ve sorted out my bedding cupboard and was pleasantly surprised to find that I only need to buy 4 pillows but am fine for everything else. I’ve even put duvet covers on the duvets ready for quick bed-changes. I also checked that I had enough towels, and I do – just.

Billy and went to Costco on Sunday, and bought some bulk stores of things we will need in the next couple of weeks, and we think we’re getting the hang of shopping there now as we only spent £75 and only bought things we WILL use. Then we went to the Metrocentre as Stephen and Laura had both suddenly announced that they had no clothes and needed more – fast! We got Stephen a couple of pairs of jeans and several t-shirts in Primark, and Madhouse, but we couldn’t choose for Laura, so got her vouchers. Metrocentre vouchers can be spent in any shop in the centre, and as she has a friend staying next week, we thought she’d enjoy a trip with her to choose her new wardrobe.

Toby has stopped being so sick – but I think he has a bit of a leak from his bottom now! I can’t work out if it is a case of not getting to the litter tray in time, or if it is an unavoidable dripping. In either case it needs clearing up. He seems to also be into hiding in dark corners, and off his food. I think I need to call the vet to see what they think – though as there’s unlikely to be anything they can do now, it doesn’t seem worth upsetting him by dragging him in.

I have a manic week this week, as I am interviewing practitioners who would be interested in joining my clinic to practice their own disciplines. I am seeing three in all, and having to fit in around all our working times – so a couple of long evenings coming up.

However …….. I have just come off the phone to mum, who called to let me know that my Nan is once again causing concern. This time, she has clearly and concisely informed the nursing home and her doctor that she no longer wishes to live and is refusing all food and drink and medication. Naturally, they have to respect her wishes, so it looks like this is the end of the road. I can fully understand her feelings and respect them – but I want to see her myself, one last time. Therefore, I am going to spend tomorrow working and hurriedly altering the week’s plans and intend to go down to visit her.

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