Not a film star.

The IT training department asked if I would consider helping them out by being filmed for about 10 minutes for a short promotional film for the MOS course that I’ve been doing. Despite my telling them that I didn’t really like having m photo taken and wasn’t photogenic, they somehow talked me in to it.

The 10 minutes then somehow became “around 45 minutes or so” and being interviewed about the course I’d done. Erm….. too late to back out? (Of course it was!)

On the day of the filming, I nervously presented myself at the appointed time and place and was introduced to the production team! (Production team? I thought it was just a one-man-with-a-camera type thing!?!) There was the camera man, the sound man, the man doing the interviewing, a man from the exam-setting company and a man from the NHS training team. And they all sat and stared at me whilst I had to “just relax and talk normally” ! (Shame they didn’t bring a make-up lady, I might have been a little less self-conscious 😉 )

They were all really friendly people which helped, as did having one familiar face from the training department to give me moral support. Oh and I got a shiny new badge since they’ve updated the MOS badge since I got mine. However, this didn’t stop me feeling I made a pig’s ear of it and I felt as though my face was red and my throat closed up – especially when they asked me to talk louder. In the end they seemed pleased with what they got and I scuttled off, with much relief, back to work.

Just when I had come back down to earth and relaxed, I was asked if I would mind going back and being recorded doing some typing and showing my Excel skills. That actually wasn’t as bad as earlier, though we did have to think of a couple of things for me to ask the trainer to demonstrate, which again, made me a little self conscious.

They were filming a few more people at another hospital the next day so hopefully there will end up being little of me on the finished film because I’m really not convinced I came across how they wanted me to. Meanwhile the suspense ISN’T going to kill me, and this will not be the start of a new career…. 😉

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