Nel – benefits and tests.

Having turned 18, Nel has been able to sign on for unemployment benefits whilst looking for non-existent around here work. She was due to receive her first payment last week but when she didn’t receive it, she enquired as to why. It turned out they’d paid her money into the bank account of a man we’ve never heard of! On investigation, they acknowledged that the error was theirs as they did have Nel’s correct bank details, and said they’d send her a bank giro in the post which she’d receive Friday. It didn’t come. Not on Saturday. If it’s not here on Monday she’s going to have to get back in touch with them again. The poor thing is feeling singled out for bad luck at the moment, as she is also waiting anxiously for her ID card (to prove her age for pubs etc.) which she applied for 5 weeks ago, and paid for the premium service so it would come in one week instead of the usual 4 weeks! 🙁

Nel has been having afternoon naps for a long time now, and I have often teased her about being a lazy teenager and having the sort of lifestyle that even allows for naps! Lately, she’s also been gaining weight – not a bad thing as such, since she’s always been a bit under weight. However, this was 2 stones in just a month! I said I thought she should mention it to the GP when she next went and as she had a routine appointment this week she did so. The GP thinks she has an under active thyroid and has taken blood to test (Nel was very brave as she HATES needles, and veins, and only had a minor dose of the heebie-jeebies.) As it happens, I think Nel has a couple more symptoms of hypothyroidism, including the depression for which she’s been treated for the last couple of years. Hopefully if the test proves the diagnosis, treatment foe the condition may resolve several issues at once and improve her life considerably.

Given the aforementioned fear of needles and veins, my daughter has also bravely and determinedly signed herself up to the Anthony Nolan register. She has been moved by Callum’s leukaemia to want to do something to help people in need. I can’t tell you how proud I am of her for this, as it’s something I also support and have been on the register for 20 years myself.

I hope the outstanding issues soon get resolved, and that Nel can get on with enjoying life as she deserves to do.


  1. Benefits update: They sent a giro – to the same bloke in Prudhoe that got her first payment in his bank account! You couldn’t make it up! After several phone calls, they have finally handed her a giro in person and she’s successfully cashed it.

    ID Card: We’re awaiting a phone call!

    Health: Thyroid function is fine, but cortisol levels abnormally high. Further blood tests and an abdominal ultrasound needed next.

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