Narrow defeat and great team-mates. (Darts)

Last Friday we played away at the Unionist club again – this time, though, against their other team, the Unionist B, who are amongst the top sides in the league. Billy came along but chose not to play, and Paul was there but had injured his neck so felt he was unable to play. Happily, with the addition of Graham to our “squad” we can all take night’s off as needed without feeling we’ve let the team down.

The random playing order was: Me; Claire; Roger Junior; Roger Senior; Graham; and Simon. We won: The second trebles; Claire, Junior, Senior, and Simon’s singles, with the score at 5-5 by Graham’s game and he played very well, only just being beaten.

My darts were completely random in the trebles and doubles – and in fact, for Claire’s and my doubles, we were woeful, but somehow managed to make it a closer finish than it should have been. However, I’d got into my stride by the singles and threw well against a strong player. A well timed 121 got me to a 2 dart finish and I hit my treble 20, but split both the x8 then x4 – enabling him to beat me with his next throw.

Both Rogers had emphatic wins and Claire and Simon threw really well to win their games too. Despite the defeat then, we were happy and would have taken 6-5 before the games started.

We had a bye in the cup competition a week later and I bemoaned the gap as I really felt I needed some game time. My wonderful team-mates starred in their own version of the Carling ads and immediately said they’d all come out and help me practise 🙂 I love my team-mates, they’re the best.


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